Picturing a Papo Gorgosaurus

The recently introduced Papo Gorgosaurus model has been very well received by dinosaur fans and model collectors.  Everything Dinosaur team members have been sent lots of photographs from customers showing us how this tyrannosaurid figure has fitted into their prehistoric animal collections.  We have also received some wonderful outdoor shots of this dinosaur model.  Take for example, some photographs sent to us by Amy.

The Papo Gorgosaurus Goes for a Wander Around the Garden

The Papo Gorgosaurus has a wander in the garden.
A Gorgosaurus in the garden.

Picture credit: Amy

Our thanks to Amy for sending in such a splendid set of photos.

Papo Gorgosaurus in the Garden

Amy has skilfully used the available light and ensured that the model is the central focal point.  The dinosaur is shown in stark contrast to the blurred background, permitting the fine details on this excellent dinosaur replica to be displayed.

The Papo Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Model Roars as the Sun Sets

The Papo Gorgosaurus model has an articulated lower jaw.
Roaring at the sunset – the Papo Gorgosaurus.

Picture credit: Amy

Having a Stroll and Sniffing the Air – the Papo Gorgosaurus Figure

On display in the garden, the Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model.
The Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model displayed in the garden.

Picture credit: Amy

Amy sent us a Facebook message, commenting:

“Hi, I recently made my first purchase with your company and bought the new Papo Gorgosaurus and was amazed by the quick and easy service I received.  Here are some snaps I took of my new model, I will definitely be coming back to you guys again!”

A Dinosaur in the Water

Amy has produced some very clever shots, including a very well composed photograph of her Papo model in water.  Water lilies were around when Gorgosaurus roamed the Late Cretaceous landscape of Laramidia.  Gorgosaurus would have been familiar with these flowering plants.  The model is waterproof and the spines along the back make this dinosaur look a little crocodilian.

A Gorgosaurus Goes for a Dip

The Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model goes for a swim.
A Papo Gorgosaurus takes a dip.

Picture credit: Amy

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We really appreciate the photographs sent into us by Amy.  The Papo Gorgosaurus has been one of the most eagerly anticipated models this year and in these pictures, the details on this replica are superbly displayed. Our congratulations to Amy for her imaginative and creative pics.”

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

A Gorgosaurus Lurks!  Gorgosaurus is Ready to Ambush Other Dinosaurs

Setting an ambush the Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model in the garden.
A Gorgosaurus sets an ambush.

Picture credit: Amy

The Papo Gorgosaurus Roars

A roaring Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model in the garden.
Papo Gorgosaurus roars.  A “roarsome” dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Amy

To view the Papo Gorgosaurus and the other prehistoric animal figures in the Papo “Dinosaures” range: Papo Prehistoric Animals and Dinosaurs.

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