Everything Dinosaur Video – Papo Pentaceratops and Papo Gorgosaurus

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Papo Pentaceratops and Papo Gorgosaurus Video

Over the last few months, team members at Everything Dinosaur have been working on an exciting new project.  We have been converting part of our warehouse area into a bespoke film studio so that we can take more photographs and produce more videos of prehistoric animal models that we sell.

Everything Dinosaur used to make quite a few videos for posting up onto the company’s YouTube channel, but our ability to shoot these videos was lost when the boardroom that we used was no longer available.  So, we have invested in a new film studio and although it is far from complete, we still have to sort out the sound quality and to bring in the studio lighting and such like, we have shot our first video.

The Papo Pentaceratops and Gorgosaurus Models

With the arrival of the eagerly anticipated Papo Gorgosaurus and Papo Pentaceratops figures we took the opportunity to shoot, a short (rather unsteady) video of these two amazing models.

Introducing the Papo Gorgosaurus and the Papo Pentaceratops Dinosaur Models

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

To purchase these Papo dinosaur models and to see the rest of the Papo prehistoric animal models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Papo Gorgosaurus

The dinosaur known as “fierce or dreadful lizard”, arrived in stock a few days ago, we expect to sell out of this first batch of models very shortly, but not to worry more Papo Gorgosaurus models are on their way.  This dinosaur model is proving to be very popular with collectors, we have received lots of emails enquiring about this tyrannosaurid, almost as soon as we posted up some pictures of this model around six months ago.

The New for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model.
The new for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur model. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Papo Pentaceratops Model

One of a number of horned dinosaur figures produced by Papo over the years, the Pentaceratops has a very unusual pose.  It is depicted rearing up onto its hind legs as if confronted by a meat-eating dinosaur.

Although roughly contemporaneous with Gorgosaurus (G. libratus) – Campanian faunal stage of the Late Cretaceous, these dinosaurs lived on different parts of the North American landmass known as Laramidia.  Fossils of Pentaceratops are known from the south-central United States (Colorado and New Mexico), whilst Gorgosaurus is known from the Canadian province of Alberta, although there is some evidence to support the idea that this theropod genus roamed Montana.  Even if this is the case, there would have been hundreds of miles between any population of Gorgosaurus and a herd of Pentaceratops dinosaurs. 

There is no evidence in the fossil record that these two dinosaurs ever met, there is, (as far as Everything Dinosaur is aware), no evidence of interspecific combat between these two species – however, this does not stop us from posting up a video, or indeed taking some photographs of the models together.

The Papo Gorgosaurus Confronts the Rearing Papo Pentaceratops

The new for 2019 Papo Pentaceratops and the Papo Gorgosaurus dinosaur models.
The new for 2019 Papo Gorgosaurus and the Papo Pentaceratops dinosaur models.  The Papo Gorgosaurus (left) confronts the rearing Papo Pentaceratops (right). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

Team members are looking forward to posting up more videos and taking more photographs in our bespoke studio, we even promise to do something about our video camera shake!

Please feel free to take a look at our YouTube channel we shall be posting up more videos very soon.

Here is a link to the YouTube channel of Everything Dinosaur: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.