Rebor Oddities Foetus Models are in Stock

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Rebor Oddities T. rex and Velociraptor Foetus Models

The Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor models are now in stock at Everything Dinosaur.  They are fantastic dinosaur display pieces, consisting of a beautifully sculpted theropod (either T. rex or Velociraptor), a special display jar with lid and a light-up base, so that you can highlight the figure inside.  To complete the display, simply carefully add water to the jar (tap water is fine) and then immerse the model into the water and place the lid back on.  Don’t forget to turn the light on, which is incorporated into the base (there is even a battery included).

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s promotional activities, we shot a quick unboxing video in our still to be completed studio.

The Rebor Oddities Foetus T. rex Contents

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Oddities Foetus Tyrannosaurus rex Figure

In this short video, we unpack one of the Rebor Oddities T. rex models and we demonstrate how this intriguing display piece is put together.  The video is just under 1 minute 40 seconds in length.  Our studio is not yet complete, we have still got some sound proofing to do and there are more lights to sort out, but we could not wait to put together a brief video highlighting this most original item from the extensive Rebor range.

The Rebor Oddities Foetus Tyrannosaurus rex Figure

The Rebor Oddities Foetus (T. rex) figure on display.
The Rebor Oddities Foetus (T. rex) figure with the uplighter in operation.

Rebor Oddities Foetus Velociraptor Replica

In addition to the excellent T. rex figure, those talented people at Rebor have created a second display piece, this time featuring a Velociraptor foetus.  The Velociraptor figure is the slightly smaller of the two, it stands twenty-two centimetres high when on its uplighter display base, whilst the T. rex figure is a little taller at approximately twenty-four centimetres high.

The Rebor Oddities Foetus Velociraptor Figure

The Rebor Oddities foetus Velociraptor figure.
The beautiful Rebor Oddities Foetus (Velociraptor).

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At Everything Dinosaur, the Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus rex foetus replicas are sold individually, but for a limited period these two figures are available as a pair at a special offer price with additional subsidy on the postage and shipping costs.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“These are fascinating prehistoric animal figures and it is great to see such innovative models being introduced by Rebor.  We were so impressed that even though our film and photography studio is not finished we wanted to shoot an unboxing video anyway.”

The Rebor Oddities video is up on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube page, we intend to make lots and lots of prehistoric animal model videos in the future, including more model reviews.

To visit Everything Dinosaur on YouTube: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.