Unboxing PNSO and Mojo Fun Prehistoric Animal Models

Our thanks to Matthew the Dinosaur King who has posted up onto his YouTube channel an unboxing video featuring the new for 2019 Mojo Fun figures and a pair of the new for 2019 PNSO prehistoric animal models (Sede the Ankylosaurus and Patton the Megalodon with the articulated jaw).

Unboxing PNSO and Mojo Fun Prehistoric Animal Figures

Video Credit: Matthew the Dinosaur King

PNSO Prehistoric Animals

PNSO have begun to develop an extensive portfolio of prehistoric animal models.   Their focus remains on animals from the Mesozoic and it is great to see a number of Chinese dinosaurs including stegosaurs featured in their model portfolio.  This short video (it is a little over six minutes in length), also focuses on some Mojo Fun replicas.  Everything Dinosaur will be making some exciting announcements about Mojo Fun prehistoric animals in the near future.  Checkout our blog and social media platforms for Mojo Fun updates.

Our thanks once again to Matthew the Dinosaur King for creating such an excellent unboxing video.  We look forward to viewing the individual model reviews.

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