Customising a Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus

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Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus Made Ready for Warhammer

At Everything Dinosaur, we are always amazed at how talented and creative some of our customers can be.  For example, we were sent some photographs recently from model maker ANTi GRAV who had been busy customising a Pegasus Hobbies Spinosaurus in readiness for participation in Warhammer games.  We are aware that a number of the prehistoric animal models that we supply get modified for use in various wargaming activities, however, we congratulate ANTi GRAV for such a splendid piece of creative model making.

Work in Progress – Pegasus Spinosaurus Getting Customised

A fearsome modified Pegasus Spinosaurus kit.
The modified Pegasus Spinosaurus kit ready for Warhammer.

Picture credit: ANTi GRAV/Everything Dinosaur

Spinosaurus and Warhammer

For the uninitiated, Warhammer is a table top battle game that involves players taking control of armies comprised of an amazing array of fantasy creatures and figures.  Participants build up their forces of miniature, skilfully crafted models, all with different powers and specialities when it comes to combat.  These figures are then sent to battle it out on behalf of their human masters in what is a highly complex and addictive strategy game.  Generals can move their forces and the fate of the pieces are decided by dice rolls.  The Pegasus Spinosaurus kit has been customised and is being prepared to do battle.

Commenting on his partially completed work, ANTi GRAV stated:

“Here is some work in progress after I’ve primed it, all of the elongated teeth and decoration are custom made.”

Spinosaurus Being Prepared for Battle

Customising a Pegasus Kit Spinosaurus
Modified Pegasus Spinosaurus kit ready for Warhammer.

Picture credit: ANTi GRAV/Everything Dinosaur

Combat with a Spinosaurus Model

Many palaeontologists consider Spinosaurus (S. aegyptiacus), to be largest carnivorous dinosaur known to science.  Its exact size remains controversial, a lack of fossils of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus keeps palaeontologists speculating, but Spinosaurus has been estimated at around sixteen metres in length with a body mass in excess of seven tonnes.

A Completed Pegasus Spinosaurus Model Kit

The finished Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit.
The completed Pegasus Spinosaurus model kit.  It depicts Spinosaurus as a dinosaur.

Picture credit: Martin

The Warhammer series of games has been around for several decades, it is extremely popular.  We are aware that many of the different types of dinosaur model we supply have been customised for use in fantasy battles and dioramas, this is a superb custom-made Spinosaurus, our congratulations to the model maker.  Just like the Dinosauria, Warhammer evolves, it has gone through numerous editions and we think this fearsome, feisty Spinosaurus will fit right in when table top battle commences.

Our thanks to ANTi GRAV for sending in these photographs of the work in progress.  He has promised to send in some more pictures once the model has been completed – we can’t wait!

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