Celebrating the Arrival of Rebor Dilophosaurus Models

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Rebor Green Day and Oasis Models Get Their Portraits Painted

Our thanks to the young and talented Caldey who sent into us a wonderful illustration of two of her latest prehistoric animal acquisitions – the Rebor Dilophosaurus pair “Green Day” and “Oasis”. The Rebor models represent a male and female Dilophosaurus (D. wetherilli), from the Early Jurassic of the western United States.  These carnivores have a significant, distinguishing feature, a pair of thin, bony, semi-circular crests the run the length of the skull.  Caldey has captured this anatomical detail exceptionally well in her drawing.

An Illustration of the Pair of Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Models “Green Day” and “Oasis”

Rebor Dilophosaurus models illustrated.
An illustration of the Rebor Dilophosaurus dinosaur models “Green Day” and “Oasis” by young artist Caldey.

Picture credit: Caldey

The Rebor models have lots of amazing detail and Caldey’s illustration demonstrates the subtle variations between the two models and their different paint schemes.  Her depiction of the fine scales on the figures is exquisite.  It took many hours to produce this drawing, we congratulate Caldey on her efforts.

The Rebor Dilophosaurus Replicas “Green Day” and “Oasis”

Rebor Dilophosaurus models "Green Day" and "Oasis"
The Rebor Dilophosaurus replicas “Green Day” and “Oasis”. Two newly arrived Rebor figures.

Illustrating Rebor Figures

Caldey has sent in several illustrations to Everything Dinosaur.  A number of these drawings are based on other Rebor models and figures.  For example, in the autumn of last year (2018), Caldey kindly sent in an illustration of the recently introduced Rebor Ankylosaurus “War Pig”.  We have included a picture of this rare Rebor figure below, so that readers can compare Caldey’s interpretation to the actual Rebor figure.

An Illustration of the Rebor Ankylosaurus Model “War Pig” – Colour Variant = Plain

An illustration of an Ankylosaurus.
A drawing of the Rebor Ankylosaurus model “War Pig” – colour variant – “plain”.

Picture credit: Caldey

The Rebor Ankylosaurus “War Pig” – Plain Colour Variation

Rebor Ankylosaurus "War Pig" model.
A photograph of the Rebor Ankylosaurus magniventris model (1:35 scale replica) – Rebor “War Pig” in the “plain” colour scheme. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Visit the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Team members are always delighted to receive illustrations of prehistoric animals from our customers.  We know what a talented group our customers are and we get sent lots of artwork as well as examples of customised models, prehistoric animal dioramas and even pictures of models that our customers have built.  We enjoy looking at them all.  Our thanks to Caldey for sending into us a super illustration of the two Rebor Dilophosaurus models Green Day and Oasis.”

To view the Rebor “Green Day” and “Oasis” Dilophosaurus models, along with the rest of the impressive Rebor range of prehistoric animals in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.