Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor Foetus Replicas

Everything Dinosaur will be stocking the pair of Rebor Oddities dinosaur foetus replicas (Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor).  These highly unusual dinosaur figures are expected to arrive in stock at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse in July and today, the UK-based mail-order company has formally announced that it will be stocking them.

Coming into Stock at Everything Dinosaur the Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus Foetus

The Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus foetus.
Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus foetus.

Rebor Foetuses – Wet Specimens

Ever since Michael Crichton’s highly influential novel “Jurassic Park” was first published (1990), subsequently made into a film three years later, fans of dinosaurs have been trying to get hold of replicas of pre-hatched dinosaurs as envisaged by the scientists at the bioengineering company InGen run by industrialist and billionaire John Hammond.  The clever design team at Rebor have come up with their own take on this concept, portraying the foetuses of two iconic Late Cretaceous theropods Velociraptor and a representative of the Tyrannosaurus genus.

The Rebor Oddities Velociraptor Foetus Model

The Rebor Oddities Velociraptor foetus.
Rebor Oddities Velociraptor foetus.

Each skilfully crafted model is displayed in its own storage jar.  The purchaser can add water to represent the fluid in which the specimen would have been kept in.  Both models reflect what is known about dinosaur embryos and show distal growth, although neither Velociraptor or any member of the Tyrannosaurus genus is represented in the fossil record by material representing a pre-hatched or recently hatched individual.

Priority Reservation Lists are Open

Priority reservation lists have been opened for both of these new Rebor Oddities replicas.  Dinosaur fans who had already requested to join the Rebor Dilophosaurus model reserve list “Green Day” and “Oasis”, that are due to be introduced prior to these two foetus models, have already been offered the chance to join Everything Dinosaur’s priority reserve lists.

A spokesperson for the company commented:

“These two foetus replicas from Rebor are likely to sell out fast, so we thought it fair to offer the chance to join our VIP reserve list for these two models, to those collectors who had already contacted us about the new Rebor Dilophosaurus dinosaur replicas.”

To join Everything Dinosaur’s priority reserve list for the Rebor Oddities Foetus figures: Email Everything Dinosaur to join our Reserve List for the Rebor Oddities – don’t forget to let us know which model(s) you want.

To read about the two new Rebor Dilophosaurus dinosaur models coming into stock shortly: Rebor Announces New Dilophosaurus Models.

Tale of the Tape – Rebor Oddities

The Rebor Oddities range provides collectors with the opportunity to acquire more unusual prehistoric animal figures and replicas.  These types of models tend to sell out quickly and can rapidly become difficult to obtain.  Everything Dinosaur will be bringing into stock a limited number of these new Rebor Oddities.  As for their sizes, the Tyrannosaurus figure is slightly larger than the Velociraptor replica, a probable true reflection on the size of these dinosaur embryos from back in the Late Cretaceous.

  • Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus foetus replica measuring  22.5 cm x 9 cm from the top of the jar to the base.
  • Rebor Oddities Velociraptor foetus replica measuring 18 cm x 7. 5 cm from the top of the jar to the base.

These figures are likely to be highly sought after, demand for them could outstrip supply and at the moment, based on current estimates, a July delivery date at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse is forecast.

The Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus Foetus Replica is the Slightly Bigger of the Two Figures

Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus foetus.
The Rebor Oddities Tyrannosaurus foetus.

Visit the award-winning Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.

All Lit Up and Ready to Hatch – The Rebor Oddities Velociraptor Figure

Rebor Oddities Velociraptor foetus
The Rebor Oddities Velociraptor foetus.

Simply email Everything Dinosaur to join our reserve list for these exciting new Rebor figures, to see the current range of Rebor replicas in stock at Everything Dinosaur: Rebor Replicas and Figures.

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