Wonderful Wolves Two Megaloceros One

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Wolves Two Megaloceros One

One of the joys of exploring natural history galleries is spotting some of the exhibits that are hiding in plain sight.  Whilst on a visit to South Wales we took the opportunity to visit the National Museum Cardiff and to take a journey through space and time in the Evolution of Wales gallery.  Towards the end of the exhibit, there is a display dedicated to animals of the Ice Age and evidence of early settlement in Wales.  Tucked up high on a ledge over hanging the entrance, one of our team members spotted a pair of wolves. The wolves were about to attack a Megaloceros.

Hiding in Plain Sight – A Pair of Wolves Ready to Pounce

A pair of wolves on display at a museum.
Ice Age wolves on display.  Although much of the megafauna of the Ice Age is extinct some animals alive today also, just like our species, lived through the last Ice Age.  The Museum of Cardiff exhibit had wolves and an American bison on display as well as examples of extinct animals such as the Megaloceros and the Woolly Mammoth.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We suspect that most of the visitors will miss these wolves lurking above them.  One of the pleasures of having time to really explore a gallery is spotting features that most visitors would probably miss.

The Giant Irish Elk – Megaloceros

When you enter the gallery, you are met by the imposing cast of a giant Irish Elk (Megaloceros giganteus).  The magnificent antlers certainly draw the eye.  This extinct species of giant deer was geographically very widespread from Ireland to as far east as parts of China during the latter stages of the Pleistocene.

The Megaloceros Exhibit (Part of the Evolution of Wales Gallery)

Megaloceros skeleton on display/
A cast of a Megaloceros skeleton on display. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo of France included a Megaloceros model in their prehistoric animal range: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

A Photo Opportunity

A number of museums in Europe have fossils of Megaloceros within their collection, the mounted exhibits prove to be very popular with visitors who like to try to take a picture of themselves with the giant antlers, the aim in many cases, is to take a photograph in such a way that the antlers seem to be growing out of the side of your own head.  In contrast, we are just happy to view the various exhibits and to read the informative display boards.

Megaloceros on Display (National Museum of Scotland – Edinburgh)

A giant Irish Elk on display.
A Megaloceros skeleton on display. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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