A New Book All About Theropod Dinosaurs

At Everything Dinosaur, we do all we can to encourage children with their reading.  Books open doors and in our job we get the opportunity to read and review a huge range of science books all about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.  We occasionally get asked to review fictional tales about dinosaurs, especially ones aimed at young readers.  Recently, the publishing team at the Natural History Museum asked us to provide a precis and review of a new book all about dinosaurs entitled “The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs The Theropods”.  This book was originally published in Spanish, but now it has been translated into a number of other languages.

The Front Cover of “The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs – The Theropods”

Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs The Theropods"
The “Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs The Theropods” (front cover).

Teaching About Dinosaurs

When team members visit schools to deliver dinosaur and fossil themed workshops to classes, we discuss our work and the contribution we make to the publishing industry.  The children are most excited about this, especially when we mention that we get lots of free books!

To read our review of “The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs The Theropods”A Review of the New Dinosaur Book (May 2019) “The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs – The Theropods”.

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