Highlighting the New for 2019 Safari Ltd Collector Booklet

With a recent delivery of Wild Safari Prehistoric Animal figures, Everything Dinosaur received a number of the new for 2019 Safari Ltd collector booklets.  This handy-pocket sized guide lists all the figures and replicas in the Safari Ltd portfolio, including all the amazing dinosaur and prehistoric animals that make up the Wild Safari Prehistoric World model range.  To give collectors an idea of its size and contents, we put up a short, forty second video showing the catalogue on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel.

The New for 2019 Safari Ltd Collectors Booklet

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

An Extensive Range of Museum Quality Replicas and Figures

Safari Ltd have earned an excellent reputation for the quality of their prehistoric animal replicas and figures.  For example, when Everything Dinosaur announced that this handy booklet was available, we posted up pictures of the catalogue and commented upon the recent awards that two Safari Ltd models had won.  Firstly, the 2018 Malawisaurus dinosaur model was voted the best dinosaur toy of 2018 by readers of the prestigious “Prehistoric Times” magazine.  Furthermore, Safari Ltd had a double celebration as the 2018 American Mastodon figure was awarded the accolade of best non-dinosaur prehistoric animal toy by readers.  Our congratulations to Safari Ltd.

Examples of the Wild Safari Prehistoric World Range (2019 New Introductions)

Wild Safari Prehistoric World - reptiles 2019.
The remaining new for 2019 prehistoric animal figures from the Wild Safari Prehistoric World range.  Representatives of a fantastic and very diverse prehistoric animal model range.  Can you name them all?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Safari Ltd collectors booklet measures 10 cm by 12.5 cm approximately and contains more than 160 pages, showcasing 800 models and figures.  It is available free of charge from Everything Dinosaur, just postage to pay.  If you want a collector’s booklet, (limited to one per order), simply add the booklet to your shopping cart when making a purchase or request one in the convenient message box that pops up when moving through the check-out procedure.

To view the collectors booklet and the range of models and figures from Safari Ltd that Everything Dinosaur stocks: Safari Ltd – Wild Safari Prehistoric World Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Allosaurus

The last of the new for 2019 prehistoric animal model introductions, the exciting new Allosaurus model is due into stock soon.

The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Allosaurus Dinosaur Model

Wild Safari Prehistoric World Allosaurus dinosaur figure.
The new for 2019 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Allosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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