A Therizinosaurus Drawing

At Everything Dinosaur, we get sent lots of pictures, illustrations and drawings by our customers.  It is always a pleasure to receive such items and whilst we could never publish all that we receive, please be assured that we do look at every single one that gets sent in.  Prehistoric animal model fan, Ian sent into our offices a wonderful drawing of a Therizinosaurus.

Therizinosaurus Drawing

It is a spectacular pencil sketch of a “scythe lizard”, our congratulations to Ian.  Our thanks to him as well for taking the trouble of posting the picture to us.  He actually sent several illustrations to our offices, we will try to post up more of them shortly.

An Illustration of Therizinosaurus (T. cheloniformis)

Therzinosaurus A drawing of the Theropod dinosaur Therizinosaurus (T. cheloniformis drawing.
A drawing of the theropod dinosaur Therizinosaurus (T. cheloniformis).

Picture credit: Ian

Lots of Drawings to Admire

Ian very kindly sent in several drawings, we will endeavour to post up some more on our various social media pages, including our Facebook page.  We think we know what inspired Ian to produce his therizinosaur illustration.  The drawing reminds us of the new for 2018 Papo Therizinosaurus dinosaur model, but what do you think?

Is this the Source of Inspiration?  The Papo Therizinosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo Therizinosaurus model.
Papo Therizinosaurus dinosaur model.  Was this model the inspiration for Ian’s drawing.

To view the Papo range of prehistoric animal figures: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Figures.

If the Papo Therizinosaurus dinosaur model was the inspiration for Ian’s dinosaur illustration, then the artist has certainly created a likeness, our congratulations to Ian for his artistic endeavours.

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