Everything Dinosaur Gets a Trade Mark

The Everything Dinosaur company has been granted a trade mark for its brand.  The granting of this trade mark status has meant that team members have had to update a number of images used on the Everything Dinosaur websites and social media pages.  For example, the company logo featured in the header area of this dinosaurs for schools site now has the symbol ® attached to it.

Everything Dinosaur Has Successfully Applied for a Trade Mark

Everything Dinosaur logo ®.

Everything Dinosaur logo (registered trade mark).  Note the ® symbol which means that this is a registered trademark.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

What is a Trade Mark?

What is a trade mark?  What does this mean?  A trade mark is a sign that helps to distinguish the origin of goods and services from those of other companies.  For example, the logo demonstrates that the sales related to prehistoric animals and such like, that are the core business activities of Everything Dinosaur, come from this organisation.  A trade mark can take a variety of forms, it can be symbol, it can take the form of words, smells, logos, sounds, colours or a combination of the above.  However, the trade mark needs to be distinctive and acceptable.  The Everything Dinosaur trade mark is yet another indication of our long-term commitment to the market place.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“As a small, British company getting trade mark status is important to us, it provides a degree of protection for our business as well as providing assurance to our customer base with regards to our commitment to the market.”

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