Flip Facts “Dinosaur Record Breakers”

Here’s a great little book all about dinosaurs, the biggest, fastest, most heavily armoured and so forth.  The book entitled “Dino Record Breakers”, consists of sixty, tough, wipe clean pages in a flip chart format that provides lots of amazing facts about dinosaurs.

“Dino Record Breakers”

The Front Cover of “Dino Record Breakers”

"Dinosaur Record Breakers" by Darren Naish.
The front cover of the recently published book “Dinosaur Record Breakers”.

Amazing Dinosaur Facts

Children enjoy learning lots of facts about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals and this little book caters for their needs providing details on the biggest predator, which dinosaur had the strongest bite and which was the “fuzziest” dinosaur.  The most popular dinosaurs such as Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex are featured along with some of the more obscure ones such as Pentaceratops, Edmontonia and Pelecanimimus.  Produced by Carlton Books, this publication has been written by the renowned English palaeontologist Darren Naish, so you can expect the information contained therein to be accurate.

The text is written in a child-friendly format with lots of short sentences, interspersed with diagrams, fact files and clever illustrations to help inform and to educate.

The book does not just feature dinosaurs, members of the Pterosauria such as Quetzalcoatlus and the huge marine reptile (Pliosauridae), Liopleurodon are included too.

Dinky Dinosaurs – Fruitadens – The Smallest Plant-eater

Fruitadens illustrated.
An illustration of perhaps the smallest dinosaur known Fruitadens.

Picture credit: D. Trankina/NHMLAC

This colourful book makes a great Christmas gift for a budding palaeontologist and a super resource for use in schools to help educate and inform children when it comes to conducting independent research on dinosaurs and compiling non-chronological reports.

Written by the famous English palaeontologist Darren Naish, Flip Facts “Dino Record Breakers” is crammed full of super dinosaur and prehistoric animal facts and information.

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