Reception Classes Create Dinosaur Skeletons

It was a busy morning for the two Reception classes (RC and RH) at St. Mary’s RC Langley (Middleton, Manchester).  The children have been learning all about dinosaurs and the eager, young palaeontologists participated in a couple of workshops organised by Everything Dinosaur.  Prior to the activities with the children, our dinosaur expert got the chance to visit one of the Reception classes and to admire all the dinosaur themed artwork on display in the well-appointed and tidy classroom.

As an extension, the children were challenged to draw their very own dinosaur.  This linked in well with an earlier activity that the children had been enthusiastically participating in, the Reception children had been cutting out dinosaur bones and fitting together dinosaur skeletons.

Sticking Dinosaur Skeletons with Reception Children

Foundation Stage children make dinosaur skeletons.

Piecing together dinosaur skeletons and labelling the body parts.  The children had been carefully cutting out dinosaur skeletons and sticking them together to make their own prehistoric animals.  It seems our labelling challenge had been taken up with lots of enthusiasm, the skull has been labelled by this eager palaeontologist.

Picture Credit: Christina

Labelling Dinosaurs

We asked the children to have a go at labelling the different parts of the dinosaur’s body including the skull.  With the help of the teaching assistant, young Christina brought into the spacious hall, where we had been working, her picture of a dinosaur that she had created so that she could show our dinosaur expert her lovely labelling.  Some super demonstrations of phonic knowledge to help decode words and write them down.  Well done to Christina and to all the busy scientists at St. Mary’s RC Langley.

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