Countdown to the New Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Tyrannosaurs

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Countdown to Rebor “Vanilla Ice” Tyrannosaurs

Dinosaur fans and model collectors do not have too long to wait until the arrival of the two new Rebor replicas, the “Vanilla Ice” tyrannosaurids – mountain and jungle.  These beautifully crafted figures are due to be sent out from the factory on or around Saturday, the 20th October and within a few days after this date, the shipment should be arriving at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse.  We have already opened a special reserve list for these figures and we should be publishing pricing details soon.

Delivering Two New Rebor Replicas Very Soon

Rebor Vanilla Ice "Mountain" and "Jungle".
The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” tyrannosaurid models – jungle (left) and mountain (right) colour variants. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Rebor Replicas – “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle

The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle is painted in a camouflaged green palette and it has been very skilfully modelled and is the fourth tyrannosaurid to be created by Rebor.  The colouration of Late Cretaceous, large-bodied tyrannosaurs remains contentious, the level of integumentary covering is not known and there has been considerable scientific debate about this aspect of tyrannosaurid anatomy.  Rebor has chosen to retain the “classic” scaly reptile look for these figures and most impressive the models are too.

The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Jungle Colour Variant

Vanilla Ice T. rex by Rebor "jungle colour scheme".
“Vanilla Ice” T. rex by Rebor “jungle”.

Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain

The mountain version is painted with a slate grey hue.  It is not known what sort of habitats Late Cretaceous, large-bodied tyrannosaurs lived in. However, these hyper-carnivores were very probably the apex predators in these environments. They were quite geographically and temporarily widespread in the last fifteen million years of the Mesozoic.  For example, only a few days ago, a new genus of Early Campanian, large-bodied tyrannosaurid from New Mexico was named and described.  The dinosaur has been named – Dynamoterror dynastes which translates as “powerful terror ruler”.

To read more about Dynamoterror dynastes: Powerful Terror Ruler – Dynamoterror dynastes.

The Rebor “Vanilla Ice” – Mountain Colour Variant

Rebor Vanilla Ice T. rex dinosaur model "mountain".
“Vanilla Ice” T. rex dinosaur model by Rebor – mountain colour scheme.

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Rebor Replicas – Tale of the Tape

Both models will be supplied with a tail attachment to insert into the back of the figure.  The tail is articulated to help create a range of poses for each tyrannosaur.  In addition, both models will have an articulated jaw.  As for the size of these figures, they are both the same size, measuring approximately 42 centimetres long (with tail added) and standing around 12.5 centimetres tall.  Based on these measurements, we suggest that the actual model is slightly bigger than the 1:35 scaling suggests.

As to why they are called “Vanilla Ice”, we are not quite sure.  We are not aware of any obvious connection between the American rapper and television personality, Robert Matthew Van Winkle aka “Vanilla Ice”.  However, we have been reliable informed that “Vanilla Ice” has a birthday on October 31st, hopefully, Everything Dinosaur will have these two replicas in stock by then.

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