Touring the Geology of the British Isles

One of the many joys of visiting schools to conduct dinosaur and fossil themed workshops, is travelling through the Great British countryside.  Early starts in order to arrive at the school in plenty of time prior to beginning of the school day means that we don’t often see a lot when driving along.  Scenic views tend to be obscured at this time of year, especially as many of our trips start at 5am or thereabouts*.  However, on the way back can be a different story.

Spotting Limestone Outcrops

Whilst travelling through Derbyshire we were able to stop and take some photographs of the stunning scenery.  We like to take pictures highlighting the geology of an area.  The outcrops of limestone we encountered on our route through the stunning Peak District National Park were well worth photographing.

Spotting the Strata – Limestone Outcrops

Limestone outcrop.  The spectacular ripple beds at Wren's nest.
Amazing geological feature. A limestone outcrop showing Silurian ripple beds. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

 We do appreciate how busy teachers are and how stressful it can be when a school visitor turns up late.  At Everything Dinosaur, we try our best to arrive nice and early at a school.  Arriving early will give our dinosaur and fossil expert plenty of opportunity to sign in, meet the teaching/support staff, provide disclosure information, to unload the vehicle and to get settled before too many of the pupils arrive.  It also helps, as we can then have a few minutes of the teaching team’s time to be briefed on any additional needs that we ought to be aware of.

A Pleasant Journey Through Amazing Geology of the British Isles

Limestone outcrop.
Hall Dale Quarry (Derbyshire). A famous limestone outcrop. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

It certainly is a real pleasure when visiting schools to take photos of the stunning geology of the British countryside.

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