Rebor Chickenosaurus is in Stock

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Rebor Chickenosaurus Figure is in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The latest figure in the Rebor Oddities range has arrived and what a fascinating replica it is.  The Rebor Chickenosaurus represents a genetically modified dinosaur embryo, the beautifully crafted figure is presented in a clear, egg-shaped display piece complete with a light-up base.

The Latest Addition to the Rebor Oddities Range – Rebor Chickenosaurus Genetically Engineered Dinosaur Embryo

Rebor Chickenosaurus model.

The Rebor Chickenosaurus figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Genetically Engineered Dinosaur

Rebor has built a deserved reputation for developing innovative prehistoric animal figures and replicas and their Chickenosaurus is a welcome addition to the growing Rebor product portfolio.  The model itself, measures around nine centimetres long and when stood on its bespoke display base the figure stands about twelve centimetres high.  The detail on the embryo is amazing, it’s as if the shell of a dinosaur egg has been peeled away and you are able to observe the growing dinosaur baby.

A Fantastic Collectors’ Item – The Rebor Chickenosaurus Dinosaur Embryo

The Rebor Chickenosaurus figure.

At home amongst the curiosities, the Rebor Chickenosaurus dinosaur figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the Rebor Chickenosaurus, which is currently available with a free Rebor Utahraptor replica (Wind Hunter) 3-D lenticular poster (whilst stocks last), simply visit the Rebor product section of Everything Dinosaur’s website: Rebor Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animal Models.

Chickens are Dinosaurs

With most palaeontologists classifying the Dinosauria into two main groups, the avian dinosaurs (Aves – birds) and the non-avian dinosaurs, the extinct branch of the Dinosauria consisting of the likes of Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Allosaurus, Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus rex, it is technically correct to refer birds such as chickens as dinosaurs.  This new Rebor figure celebrates the link between dinosaurs and birds and provides collectors with an opportunity to add something unusual and novel to their model collection.  The figure also pays homage to the “Jurassic Park/Jurassic World” movies and to the Michael Crichton novel that the first film, in this hugely successful franchise, was based upon.  Genetically engineered dinosaurs are certainly in vogue with movie goers, although scientists are a long way from actually being able to recreate a living, breathing dinosaur by manipulating avian genes.

To read an article from 2009, that outlines the use of chicken embryos in a study that involves manipulation of genes to awaken dormant dinosaur traits in birds: The “Dino-chicken Project”

A Baby Dinosaur in the Egg

The Rebor Chickenosaurus embryo figure.

The Rebor Chickenosaurus figure.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

As Large as a Swan’s Egg

Measuring a fraction under twelve centimetres when the figure is placed on its light-up base, the egg is roughly the size of a Mute swan’s egg and it makes a fascinating display piece.  We have heard of one customer of Everything Dinosaur who was going to use the figure as a centre piece for a table display for a lunchtime service.  We hope that eggs and chicken are on the menu.

A Centrepiece in Many Collections

A genetically engineered dinosaur - Rebor Chickenosaurus.

The Rebor Chickenosaurus dinosaur embryo model.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is a novel dinosaur figure.  The “Oddities” range gives Rebor a licence to produce innovative and eye-catching figures, lots of manufacturers produce models of Theropod dinosaurs, but a figure of a Theropod dinosaur embryo with its own light-up base is a first, as far as we are aware.  Whilst model dioramas such as the Rebor King T. rex and the Rebor Fallen Queen depict death, this beautifully designed item depicts life.”

Special Promotional Offer

Everything Dinosaur will be providing an amazing three-dimensional lenticular poster of the Rebor Utahraptor replica (Wind Hunter) with every Chickenosaurus.  The lenticular poster will be sent out free with every purchase of the Rebor Chickenosaurus.  This special promotional offer will be available until stocks last.

The Rebor Utahraptor (Wind Hunter) 3-D Lenticular Poster

Rebor Utahraptor 3-D poster.

The Rebor Utahraptor Wind Hunter 3D lenticular poster.  Available whilst stocks last.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur