T. rex to Appear in a New Television Documentary

Everything Dinosaur has received the first preview picture for the television documentary that attempts to bust a few myths when it comes to the most iconic of the Dinosauria – Tyrannosaurus rex.  The one-hour documentary is a joint production between Talesmith and the leading North American producer, Cineflix Productions.  The programme, which is to be presented by naturalist Chris Packham, has been jointly commissioned by the BBC, France TV and the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC).  The working title is “Rediscovering T. rex“.

“Rediscovering T. rex” – A New Television Documentary

Naturalist Chris Packham and a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Chris Packham next to “Tristan” at the Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin).

Picture credit: BBC/Talesmith/Cineflix/Gordon Welters

Lifting the Lid on Tyrannosaurus rex

The television programme, which is believed to be scheduled in the UK for the Christmas period, aims to “lift the lid” on the most famous of all the meat-eating dinosaurs.  The programme makers state that Chris Packham will look at the fossil evidence and examine ground-breaking research to piece together the anatomy and potential behaviour of the most infamous predator to have ever walked the Earth.

Life-long dinosaur fan Chris, will embark on a globe-trotting journey to discover the truth behind centuries of inaccuracy and misrepresentation fuelled by misconceptions and gaps in our scientific understanding, gaps, which have often been exacerbated when Tyrannosaurus rex is featured in the media.  It seems that films like “Jurassic Park” and “One Million Years B.C.” have done T. rex a great disservice.

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Accurate Depictions of T. rex

Viewers can expect to see the most accurate three-dimensional CGI depiction of Tyrannosaurus rex made to date (that’s what the programme makers promise).

Alongside the presenter, the other “star” of the show is the beautifully preserved T. rex fossil specimen from The Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin), known as “Tristan Otto”.  These fossilised bones, representing a single, sub-adult animal, consist of some 170 individual bones, making “Tristan Otto” one of the most complete T. rex skeletons ever found.  Originating from the Hell Creek Formation in Montana and discovered in 2010, it took over four years to excavate the bones and prepare them for mounting in the museum.  Incidentally, this dinosaur is privately owned, the name “Tristan Otto” comes from the sons of the two owners and it is the largest original T. rex skeleton on display in Europe.

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