Dinosaurs of Britain and Europe

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Dinosaurs of Britain and Europe

Robert Townsend has sent us some more pictures of his prehistoric animal diorama.  This time, the focus is on the Mesozoic fauna of England and Europe.   Robert has constructed a large, prehistoric landscape and he has populated it with dinosaurs known from Europe and southern England.

The Rare Carnegie Collectibles Baryonyx Model is on the Prowl

The Carnegie Baryonyx dinosaur model.

The Carnegie Baryonyx model in a dinosaur diorama.

Picture credit: R. Townsend

The colouration of the Carnegie model certainly comes into its own in Robert’s skilfully made prehistoric scene.  This carnivorous dinosaur is very well camouflaged amongst the various model plants and trees.

A Classical Figure of an Iguanodont

Iguanodon classical model.

A classical Iguanodon model.

Picture credit: R. Townsend

A Classical Iguanodont Model

The picture above shows a wonderful model of an Iguanodont.  Much has changed within the Iguanodon genus since this particular model was cast.  For example, the type fossil material for I. bernissartensis is now a more complete specimen from Belgium, replacing the previous type material for Iguanodon, the fragmentary British fossil material.  Robert has carefully mixed older models with more recent replicas in his prehistoric animal diorama.

A Browsing Camptosaurus is Surprised by an Europasaurus

A CollectA Camptosaurus and a Bullyland Europasaurus dinosaur model.

A CollectA Camptosaurus is surprised by a Bullyland Europasaurus.

Picture credit: R. Townsend

British Dinosaur Models

The size of the prehistoric landscape provides Robert with plenty of opportunities to build in mini scenes.  For instance, in part of the diorama, a browsing Camptosaurus is surprised by the emergence of an Europasaurus.  This cleverly crafted photograph highlights the range of plant replicas used in the scene and the Europasaurus in the background provides a sense of perspective.

CollectA Deluxe Dinosaurs Do Battle

The CollectA Dacentrurus battles a CollectA Torvosaurus.

The CollectA Deluxe Torvosaurus faces a rearing CollectA Dacentrurus.

Picture credit: R. Townsend

The model maker has placed a CollectA Deluxe Torvosaurus, a model of the biggest carnivorous dinosaur known from Europe, close to a CollectA Dacentrurus.  The rearing pose of the thyreophoran makes it look like that it is rearing up as the Torvosaurus approaches.  It is a nice touch to see the three-toed dinosaur footprints in the foreground.

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Dinosaurs Fighting Over a Carcass

Battling over a carcass the Collecta Lourinhanosaurus versus the CollectA Metriacanthosaurus.

The CollectA Lourinhanosaurus tussles with the CollectA Metriacanthosaurus.

Picture credit: R. Townsend

Theropods Fighting Over a Sauropod Carcase

Having a model of dead sauropod in the diorama provides plenty of scope for creating detailed prehistoric scenes.  On this occasion, the model maker has chosen to feature a squabble over the spoils between a CollectA Lourinhanosaurus and the CollectA Metriacanthosaurus.  Once again, the well-made and carefully selected vegetation makes an excellent backdrop.

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