JurassicCollectables Reviews the New Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus

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Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus Video Review

Thanks to Everything Dinosaur, those clever people at JurassicCollectables have been able to get a close look at the Papo juvenile Spinosaurus, a figure that is currently paired with the excellent Papo Ceratosaurus in a special edition box set.  A video review of this figure, plus information about the box set has been posted up on the JurassicCollectables YouTube channel and this is a great way for dinosaur fans and collectors to get a really good view of this new Papo dinosaur replica.

The JurassicCollectables Video Review of the New for 2017 Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus Dinosaur Model


Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

The Papo model range continues to grow and team members at Everything Dinosaur already know what is likely to be introduced next year, however, the fate of the young Spinosaurus model featured in this video remains uncertain and the only way to get one at the moment is via this special edition box set.

Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus Reviewed

In a departure from the usual green studio layout, JurassicCollectables have opted to use the white-out effect of a photography booth.  The focus is therefore, very much on the figure and the detail can be highlighted more easily.  Once again, we praise the camera work and the clear narration, in what is quite a lengthy video, it runs for just over 13 minutes.  However, the slightly longer format permits the narrator to provide more information on the model, enables a comparison to be made with other Papo Spinosaurus figures and permits “off-colour Alan” to make his customary guest appearance.

The Papo Special Edition Box Set (Juvenile Spinosaurus and the Papo Ceratosaurus)

Papo juvenile Spinosaurus and the Papo Ceratosaurus special edition gift box.

The Papo juvenile Spinosaurus and the Papo Ceratosaurus gift box.

To view the entire Papo dinosaur and prehistoric animal model range, including the recently announced model retirements (Pachyrhinosaurus, the baby brown Tyrannosaurus rex and the baby Woolly Mammoth), as well as the special edition Papo dinosaur gift box: Papo Prehistoric Animal Models.

Subtle Colours Identify the Figure as a Young Animal

Papo have taken care to give their juvenile Spinosaurus, hints of the more strident colours found in the large, adult Spinosaurus figure.  The narrator in the video points out the subtle colours found on the sail-like structure of this dinosaur.  In the adult Papo Spinosaurus, these colours are more prominent.  The use of colour in this way enables Papo to distinguish between a fully grown adult dinosaur and this, a figure of a juvenile.  The smudges of yellow paint, found along the back and down the tail help to reinforce the idea that this dinosaur has not quite reached maturity yet and has not attained its full adult colouration.

The Papo Juvenile Spinosaurus is Compared with the Adult Spinosaurus (Papo)

Comparing Papo Spinosaurs.

Comparing the Papo adult Spinosaurus with the Papo juvenile Spinosaurus.

Picture credit: JurassicCollectables

Comparing Papo Spinosaurs

JurassicCollectables have to be congratulated for including the large Spinosaurus model from Papo in this video review of the juvenile Spinosaurus.  The narrator picks up on the significance of the chosen paint scheme and also contrasts this 2017 figure with the Spinosaurus model from the mini dinosaurs tub also made by Papo.  The use of the white background allows for some really close-up detailed shots of the various replicas.  For example, the very fine teeth are commented upon and the great range of scales depicted on the juvenile are discussed.

It is a pity that we could not see more of the Ceratosaurus model, which also features in this special edition box set.  However, JurassicCollectables has already produced a comprehensive overview of this figure, which can be viewed here: JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Ceratosaurus.

A Very Well Balanced and Stable Model

The dynamic pose of the juvenile dinosaur is discussed, the narrator commenting on the stability of the figure, comments are also made about the bony ornamentation seen above the eyes and the detail found inside the jaw (the jaw is articulated and in the video, the gape of the dinosaur is demonstrated).

The Video is Notable for its Clear Narration and Close-up Views of the Replicas

Papo Spinosaurs reviewed.

JurassicCollectables reviews the Papo juvenile Spinosaurus.

Picture credit: JurassicCollectables

The JurassicCollectables YouTube channel has amassed over 57,000 subscribers and features some 700 dinosaur and prehistoric animal inspired videos.

Everything Dinosaur recommends dinosaur and model fans to visit JurassicCollectables on YouTube and to subscribe.

Our thanks once again to JurassicCollectables for producing such a well-made and informative video.

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