Ethan’s Meat-eating Dinosaur Drawing

Our thanks to Ethan who kindly sent into the Everything Dinosaur offices, a wonderful drawing of a meat-eating dinosaur.  In a note included with Ethan’s drawing, he explained that his two favourite dinosaurs were Spinosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex.  As he like carnivorous dinosaurs so much he had drawn a picture of a fearsome dinosaur that would have been a carnivore, especially for us.  Thanks for this lovely drawing Ethan.

A Drawing of a Meat-eating Dinosaur from Young Dinosaur Fan Ethan

Ethan and the meat-eating dinosaur.

A meat-eating dinosaur drawing sent into Everything Dinosaur by Ethan.

Picture Credit: Ethan

Green with Red Spines

Ethan explained that he had coloured his dinosaur green so that it could creep up on plant-eating dinosaurs and attack them without it being seen.  He gave his dinosaur some red spines and a sail just like one of his favourite dinosaurs – Spinosaurus.  The dinosaur even has a golden horn on its head, that’s a very imaginative dinosaur you have drawn for us.  In Ethan’s note he explained what a carnivore ate and named some carnivorous dinosaurs.  Ethan also described the diet of herbivorous dinosaurs and gave three examples of dinosaurs that ate plants, namely Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Brontosaurus.  He also helpfully explained that all these three dinosaurs lived in America, although Triceratops lived during the Cretaceous, whilst Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus lived earlier, in the Jurassic Period.

Our thanks to Ethan for his drawing and his detailed note.

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