JurassicCollectables Reviews “Spring-heeled Jack”

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A Video Review of the Rebor Leaping Velociraptor “Spring-heeled Jack”

JurassicCollectables have been hard at work again and their latest video to be posted is a review of the amazing “Spring-heeled Jack”, the Rebor Velociraptor, 1:18 scale dinosaur model.  Rebor has continued to set the standard when it comes to introducing “retro raptors” and this new Velociraptor joins “Winston, Stan” and “Alex DeLarge” in the Rebor replica range.

JurassicCollectables Reviews “Spring-heeled Jack”

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

In this brief video review, (it lasts just over six and a half minutes), viewers are given the opportunity to have a really good look at this skilfully modelled Late Cretaceous Theropod.  The narrator discusses various aspects of “Spring-heeled Jack”, named after a strange being from English folklore that was first reported 180 years ago.  For example, the video looks at the base of the model in detail and demonstrates the articulated jaw and the forelimbs that can be set in various positions.

To view the Rebor 1:18 scale replica “Spring-heeled Jack”, the counterpart model “Alex DeLarge” and the entire Rebor prehistoric animal model range: Rebor Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Replicas

“Jurassic Park” Velociraptors

With the ground-breaking dinosaur movie “Jurassic Park”, hitting cinema screens in 1993, Velociraptors were up front and centre when it came to the prehistoric animals featured.  We won’t open up the debate on the size of the “raptors” in the film, suffice to say, thanks to this movie and the work of Stan Winston, the American film and television special make-up and special effects master, a whole new generation of young dinosaur fans was created.  The Velociraptors in the Rebor replica range, pay tribute to the contribution played in the portrayal of dinosaurs by Stan Winston, that’s why a number of the models in this range carry his moniker.  The leaping “Spring-heeled Jack” is reminiscent of the leaping Velociraptors from the Jurassic Park film franchise.

The Rebor Velociraptor “Spring-heeled Jack” Replica

Rebor "Spring-heeled Jack" Velociraptor model.

Rebor 1:18 scale Velociraptor “Spring-heeled Jack”.

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

The genus name means “speedy robber or speedy thief” and the JurassicCollectables video review shows these dynamic models in all their beauty.

Compared with the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex and the Rebor Carnotaurus Models

Our thanks to those clever people at JurassicCollectables for including in this video review comparisons with the Rebor Tyrannosaurus rex replica (King T. rex) and the recently reviewed Rebor Carnotaurus figure “Crimson King”.  Off-colour Alan even gets in on the action, he is shown riding on the back of the leaping Velociraptor and the figure looks really good next to “Spring-heeled Jack”, very reminiscent of the scene from the first Jurassic Park” movie where big-game hunter, Robert Muldoon meets his demise.

JurassicCollectables have a brilliant YouTube channel crammed full of prehistoric animal model reviews and other very interesting and informative videos, including reviews of the aforementioned Rebor Carnotaurus replica and the Rebor “King T. rex“.

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