Schoolchildren Send in Dinosaur Drawings and Letters

A very big thank you to all the children at Abercrombie Primary in Derbyshire, who sent in letters and drawings to Everything Dinosaur, after our dinosaur workshop at their school earlier this month.  During Everything Dinosaur’s visit to the school, based in Chesterfield, we conducted dinosaur and fossil themed workshops with both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  We set each class a number of follow up activities and the drawings and thank you letters we received were part of these teaching extensions.


Classmates Sent in Dinosaur Drawings to Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaurs drawn by schoolchildren.

Dinosaurs drawn by schoolchildren.  This is a drawing of Owlasaurus.

Picture credit: Abercrombie Primary School/Everything Dinosaur

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Dinosaurs – Non-Fiction Writing Exercise

We challenged the children to write thank you letters and our dinosaur expert informed them that he would be checking carefully for punctuation and spelling.  We received lots of letters and our team members enjoyed reading them all.  Some thank you letters contained questions and we endeavoured to email the class teacher with answers to help the children with their dinosaur and fossil studies.

A Thank You Letter from Cole Received by Everything Dinosaur

Abercrombie Primary children sent in letters to Everything Dinosaur.

A thank you letter from a pupil at Abercrombie Primary.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The writing of these letters was a great way for Everything Dinosaur to support the scheme of work that had been devised by the teaching team.

Creative Dinosaur Designs

Many children were also asked to design their very own dinosaur.  We had some amazing creations such as “Jumbysaurus” from Rueben.  It looks like a very scary dinosaur indeed!

We challenged the children to consider what their dinosaur might eat and how it might survive in the Mesozoic.  We introduced ideas about camouflage and habitat and how these factors might affect the animal’s colouration.  These types of extension activities dovetail with the national curriculum for schools.

For further information on Everything Dinosaur’s work in schools and our science outreach: About Everything Dinosaur.

Providing feedback to Everything Dinosaur one of the teachers at the school commented:

“It was an excellent session, very engaging with excellent subject knowledge shown by the Everything Dinosaur team member.  Super resources used to wow the children, with very good use of repetition to encourage children to learn key vocabulary.”

Reading All the Letters

The Everything Dinosaur team members enjoyed reading all the letters from the children and we have posted up the colourful prehistoric animal drawings onto one of the walls in our warehouse.  Looking at them certainly brightens up our day and we had a great time working with all the classes leading the dinosaur workshops.