A Beautiful Dinosaur Diorama “Jurassic Giants”

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“Jurassic Giants of the Western World”

At Everything Dinosaur we always enjoy seeing how model collectors have used the prehistoric animal models that they have purchased from our website.  We get sent lots of photographs of dinosaur themed dioramas and we enjoy looking at these pictures, we really appreciate the effort and skill that goes into such model making activities.  Take for example, the work of Robert Townsend, he has built a thirteen-foot-long model landscape that depicts life in the Late Jurassic.  With Stegosaurus, Torvosaurus, Ceratosaurus and a plethora of sauropods installed into the sweeping panorama, we would suggest that the model depicts life on Earth around 150 million years ago.

“Jurassic Giants of the Western World”

A Late Jurassic dinosaur diorama.

A splendid Late Jurassic diorama.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

Prehistoric Animal Models

Robert has carefully planned his prehistoric landscape, it is a marvellous interpretation of the flora and fauna associated with a famous fossil location such as the Morrison Formation of the western United States. In fact, Robert has entitled his model “Jurassic Giants of the Western World”, as indeed, during this time in the Late Jurassic, continental North America was dominated by giant mega-herbivores such as Diplodocus, Camarasaurus, Brontosaurus and Apatosaurus.

Sauropods Dominate in this Dinosaur Diorama

Feeding Sauropod dinosaurs.

A group of sauropods feeding.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

These long-necked dinosaurs in turn shared their world with a range of ornithischian dinosaurs such as the spectacular stegosaurs and the rapidly diversifying Ornithopoda that would, one day, come to dominate plant-eating dinosaur populations.

A Colourful Stegosaurus Searching for Something to Eat

A model of a Stegosaurus.

A Stegosaurus diorama by Robert Townsend.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

Stegosaurus and Sauropods

We like the way that this Stegosaurus model has been posed in the background, behind the foliage, this helps to support the feeling of depth and perspective in this dinosaur diorama.  A useful tip for all model makers is to try to create different points of interest within the scene that they are creating.  For example, on the left side of the landscape, a Diplodocus mother and baby encounter a crocodile down by the river (see photograph below).  The choice of foliage helps to enhance the view and draws the eye to what could be a dangerous moment in the life of a young sauropod.

Meeting a Crocodile Down by the River

Dinosaurs encounter a crocodile.

Diplodocus mother and baby encounter a crocodile.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend 

Creating a Sense of Scale in the Diorama

The Camptosaurus model provides a scale to the larger Brachiosaur replica.

A Brachiosaurus (background) and a Camptosaurus (foreground).

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

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CollectA and Carnegie Replicas

A sense of scale can be created by combining various models.  In the photograph above, Robert has used a CollectA Camptosaurus replica in the foreground to help to emphasise the size and scale of the Carnegie Brachiosaurus which has been placed directly behind it.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“This is a fascinating dinosaur diorama, which has been a real labour of love for Robert.  Not only has he taken a great deal of care in the layout of his prehistoric scene but he has endeavoured to reflect the fauna and flora that existed during a specific geological age, which from a palaeontological perspective, really elevates this model landscape.”

A Window Into a Prehistoric World

A proper plaque for a prehistoric landscape diorama.

The prehistoric scene has a plaque.

Picture credit: Robert Townsend

UK-based Robert has even added a plaque to his four-metre-long model display, our thanks to him for sharing pictures of his creation.

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