Half-term Activities for Year 2 Pupils

Children in Year 2 at Newport Infant School (Shropshire), were given a special task by their teachers for the half-term holiday.  The three classes that make up Year 2 (Hedgehog, Deer and Squirrel) were going to be studying dinosaurs as their term topic for the latter part of the Summer term, so as preparation, the enthusiastic teachers challenged the children to produce a piece of dinosaur themed work over the holidays.  Some children chose to make prehistoric animal models, others decided to build their own “Jurassic World” diorama.  The Everything Dinosaur fossil expert who visited the school to conduct a series of dinosaur themed workshops with the children, was given the opportunity to view the colourful display.

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Year 2 Pupils at Newport Infant School Make a Dinosaur Themed Display

A dinosaur world made by Year 2 children.

A rod to dangle a flying reptile on, what a great idea. A superb prehistoric animal model display.

Picture credit: Newport Infant School/Everything Dinosaur

The children had clearly enjoyed this half-term holiday challenge.  We suspect that some mums and dads got involved too.  Our Everything Dinosaur staff member even saw a superb chocolate cake that had been baked by young Will and his mum.  It looked very tasty indeed!

Children Make Dinosaur Posters

A number of children had produced science posters all about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.  The posters showed that the pupils had undertaken a considerable amount of research into this topic before creating their poster.  Grace for example, produced a poster that showed different types of dinosaur and asked questions that our fossil expert was able to answer during the dinosaur workshop with Grace’s class.

A Number of Pupils Made Super Dinosaur Posters Over Half-Term

Year 2 children and their dinosaur posters.

Children made dinosaur models and posters over the half-term holiday.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

With an enthusiastic teaching team and such a carefully crafted scheme of work the pupils in Year 2 at Newport Infant School are going to have an exciting end to their school year.

Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.