Australian Boy the “Youngest Dinosaur Educator”

News has reached the teaching team at Everything Dinosaur about a remarkable little boy from Sydney (Australia), whose parents have put forward to the Guinness World Records organisation in recognition of his great dinosaur knowledge.  Proud parents Qing Zhang and Hill Wang have put forward their son four-year-old Makan in a bid to have him recognised as the “youngest dinosaur educator”.  Speaking to the Australian media outlet, which broke the story, mum Qing Zhang stated:

“He’s got an amazing memory.  He can tell what each dinosaur’s traits are, what period they lived in, whether they’re omnivores or herbivores.”

Youngest Dinosaur Educator

Dinosaurs Help Children Learn

The original Schleich Therizinosaurus replica.

Now out of production the original Schleich Therizinosaurus replica.  Dinosaurs help children learn.

Picture credit: Schleich

The Schleich range of prehistoric animals are ideal for robust play.

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Impressive Knowledge About Prehistoric Animals

Makan certainly loves dinosaurs and from the media release it is clear he has a great deal of knowledge.  It is even more remarkable as he has yet to learn to read.  However, we know that most Foundation Stage teachers will be aware of children who also seem to possess an encyclopaedic knowledge of prehistoric animals.   At Everything Dinosaur we have had the great pleasure of meeting children, some of which are not much older than three years of age, who have demonstrated a remarkable amount of pre-knowledge about dinosaurs.  Children seem to have a fascination for these long extinct creatures and relish the challenge of learning their long and complicated names.

Lots of Young Children Demonstrate Dinosaur Knowledge

Dinosaur drawing.

Blake sent a dinosaur drawing to Everything Dinosaur. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Clever Little Boy

Makan’s parents state that their son has memorised more than thirty different species.  He has built up his knowledge by watching dinosaur programmes.  With the assistance of illustrated prompt cards, Makan can now recall the names of dinosaurs and facts about prehistoric animals on command.  We think, that many teachers will have taught children who also demonstrated remarkable knowledge about dinosaurs and perhaps these children along with their teachers should be given recognition too.

Everything Dinosaur team members encourage children and help them.  We are committed to helping young people learn about dinosaurs.

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Do You Know a Dinosaur Expert?

We praise Makan’s mum and dad for encouraging their son.  Learning about dinosaurs will help to equip this talented little boy with the sort of life-long skills that will help him to adapt, adjust and thrive in formal education.  Teachers, do you have a very knowledgeable dinosaur expert in your class?  If you do, we would love to hear from you and perhaps, with the permission of the grown-ups in charge,  your pupil could be put forward as the world’s “youngest dinosaur educator”.

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