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16 05, 2016

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Colour Variant Papo T. rex

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A Video Review of the Papo Colour Variant T. rex

With the arrival of the splendid Papo colour variant Tyrannosaurus rex model at Everything Dinosaur we thought it would be a good idea to mark the addition of this super dinosaur replica to our range by sharing the video review made by JurassicCollectables.  The video reviewing the Papo T. rex dinosaur model by JurassicCollectables really does this 2016 figure justice and the clear, close up photography shows off the fantastic colour scheme of this meat-eating dinosaur.

JurassicCollectables Reviews the Papo Tyrannosaurus rex Colour Variant

Video Credit: JurassicCollectables

Detailed Video

In the twelve minute long video, the narrator starts with the head and points out the details including the fine paintwork on the articulated jaw.  The colour scheme is not quite as purple looking as other re-painted T. rex models made by Papo, but JurassicCollectables describe this model as “exquisite” with “really lovely work by Papo”.  The model is even shown in ventral view (looking at the belly), in this view the wonderful detail of the scales on the body can be made out, this is once again an excellent model from the Papo stable.

To view the Papo dinosaur range available at Everything Dinosaur: Papo Dinosaur Models and Prehistoric Animals

The Running T. rex Colour Variant Dinosaur Model by Papo

Papo Running T. rex new colour version

Papo Running T. rex new colour version

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

Splendid Theropod and a Welcome Addition to the Papo Model Range

The video shows the musculature of the sculpt and points out similarities as well as differences with other Tyrannosaurus rex models produced by Papo.  The coloured variant is compared with the Running T. rex model and there is even a brief appearance by the exceptionally rare green standing Tyrannosaurus rex figure that was retired by Papo some years ago.  Off-colour Alan was so impressed by the quality of the video that he was “bowled over” and he could not stand up to provide a scale next to this new for 2016 Papo replica.

Those clever people at JurassicCollectables have produced video reviews of every prehistoric animal replica that Papo have manufactured, to see these videos and to subscribe to their very informative YouTube channel: Subscribe to JurassicCollectables on YouTube

There are still a number of new for 2016 models expected at Everything Dinosaur in the coming weeks, the spring has been a busy time for the UK based company with lots of new prehistoric animal replicas from Rebor, CollectA, Safari Ltd as well as the introduction of the Battat Terra line of dinosaur figures.

16 05, 2016

Reception Children and Dinosaurs

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Egerton Primary Reception Class Study Dinosaurs

Back in April, a member of the Everything Dinosaur teaching team visited Egerton Primary to deliver a dinosaur and fossil themed workshop to the Reception class.  Our morning visit certainly went down well with the teachers and the enthusiastic children all enjoyed handling the fossils and learning lots of facts about prehistoric animals.  We challenged the children to have a go at writing a fact about a dinosaur in a dinosaur footprint.  We duly received a very well written set of “dinosaur foot facts” from the class.

A Handwriting Exercise Using Dinosaur Footprints

Writing in a dinosaur footprint a great exercise for a Reception class.

Writing in a dinosaur footprint a great exercise for a Reception class.

Picture Credit: Egerton Primary School

Writing in a dinosaur footprint a great exercise for a Reception class.  The relatively small space and the unusual shape of the foot forces the child to concentrate on the shape of letters and the spacing of words.  In addition, care is needed to write in the space so this helps to build up writing confidence and hand to eye co-ordination.  The children need to think carefully about what they are going to write.   We appreciated the little dinosaur and fossil drawings too.

Our thanks to the teaching team for sending in these super dinosaur footprints.

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