JurassicCollectables Reviews the CollectA Feathered T. rex

This week the talented team at JurassicCollectables have put together another dinosaur model review.  This time, the splendid CollectA 1:40 scale feathered Tyrannosaurus rex is featured.  This replica was officially released late last year, but Everything Dinosaur received some stock early.  This is the second 1:40 scale model T. rex produced by the Hong Kong based company, under the “Deluxe” brand, the original T. rex (see picture below), was amongst the very first of the larger scale models CollectA introduced, it was released in 2009.

The Non-Feathered CollectA 1:40 Scale Tyrannosaurus rex Model


No longer covered in scales, now regarded as having a feathery coat.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The feathered Tyrannosaurus rex replica reflects the revision of the Tyrannosauroidea that has taken place over the last decade or so and JurassicCollectables guides the viewer through the main anatomical features of this, the most famous of all dinosaurs.  The wonderful lighting really helps to showcase the vibrant colours on this model and the narrator takes great care to discuss the fine detail of the sculpt, particularly that magnificent skull.

The Review of the Feathered Tyrannosaurus rex Model (CollectA) by JurassicCollectables

Video credit: JurassicCollectables

With a running time of nearly eight minutes, the video provides an excellent opportunity to peruse this CollectA replica.  There are two more feathered T. rex models being introduced by CollectA this year (hunting T. rex and T. rex corpse), delivery into our warehouse is imminent and we have already made plans to send these models over to JurassicCollectables for review.

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Anatomy of a Feathered Tyrannosaur

It just goes to show how our views regarding tyrannosaurids and feathered dinosaurs in general have changed in the last decade or so.  Not only are depictions of feathered dinosaurs now commonplace in the scientific literature, but the model making companies are really working hard to update their various ranges.  The CollectA feathered Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the best of these replicas introduced to date, the commentator in the video compares this replica very favourably to the Sideshow Collectibles range, even though the CollectA model is a fraction of the price.

CollectA Feathered Tyrannosaurus rex Model is Praised

1:40 scale model of a feathered T. rex.

1:40 scale model of a feathered T. rex.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To purchase this CollectA replica and other prehistoric animals in the CollectA Deluxe model range: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Animal Model Range.

The video review gives a mention to the human figure that is supplied with most of the CollectA large models.  The figure, a palaeontologist of course, is Sir Arthur Gauge.  He was first introduced to the world when CollectA launched its scale model series, all those years ago now.  The dinosaur models may have changed, but Sir Arthur does not look a day older than when he was first seen in Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse back in 2009.

The Sir Arthur Gauge Figure Provides a Useful Scale

A clever way to provide a scale for dinosaur models.

A clever way to provide a scale for dinosaur models.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

CollectA also stock a range of not-to-scale prehistoric animal figures: CollectA Prehistoric World Figures.