Dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz

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Dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz (T. rex and Triceratops)

Two soft toy dinosaurs for the price of one, now that sounds like quite a bargain.  It’s exactly what you get with these very cleverly designed dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz.  Simply turn the T. rex inside out to reveal a Triceratops or should that be turn the Triceratops inside out to make the Tyrannosaurus rex soft toy appear.

Dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz

If you aren’t quite sure what we mean, the helpful elves at Everything Dinosaur have made a short, forty second video that shows the dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz in action.

How to Turn a Triceratops into a Tyrannosaurus rex and Vice Versa

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Soft Toy Dinosaurs

We are reliably informed that the Triceratops soft toy is called “Rocky” and the Tyrannosaurus rex is called “Rex” (we should have been able to work that one out ourselves).  Suitable for children form three years plus, these dinosaur Switch-A-Rooz give soft toy dinosaurs a new “twist”.

To see the Switch-A-Rooz dinosaurs at Everything Dinosaur and the huge range of dinosaur soft toys available: Dinosaur Soft Toys.

“Rex” and “Rocky” Together They Make a Very Cute and Cuddly Pair of Dinosaurs

Switch-A-Rooz Dinosaur Soft Toys

Do you turn T. rex into Triceratops or Triceratops into a T. rex? Can you decide?

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Reversible Dinosaur Soft Toys

The soft toys stand just a fraction under twenty centimetres high and they are made from super-soft material which can be sponge cleaned if required.  These reversible stuffed Late Cretaceous dinosaurs will really help to inspire creative play amongst young palaeontologists.  We couldn’t decide which one was our favourite.

They certainly make a perfect pair, two soft toy dinosaurs for the price of one.  Give Triceratops a twist and watch him transform into a Tyrannosaurus rex called Rex.  Switch-A-Rooz dinosaurs, a dinosaur double-act which provides a pair of prehistoric plush.

Cute and Very Cuddly Switch-A-Rooz Dinosaur Soft Toys

Two soft toy dinosaurs for the price of one.

Two soft toy dinosaurs for the price of one.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur