Retail Madness – Black Friday 27th November 2015

Christmas orders at Everything Dinosaur are ticking along nicely.  To be honest (and our customers know how honest we are), we have been receiving orders for Christmas gifts since the end of August, this is slightly later than the trend we saw in 2014.  However, the media is beginning to carry stories about the approach of “Black Friday”, a day when record retail sales are being predicted.  The phenomenon of Black Friday comes from the United States.

Everything Dinosaur

Traditionally, the day after the Bank Holiday of Thanksgiving in America is the day that retailers have enticed shoppers to spend with one-day sales.  These have been aimed at kick-starting the Christmas shopping rush.

The Approach of Black Friday – Everything Dinosaur Will Be Ready

Everything Dinosaur will be ready.

Everything Dinosaur will be ready.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Black Friday

2014 saw this Black Friday concept have a significant impact on UK retail for the first time.  This year, even more Black Friday sales are predicted with something like a £1 billion of retail business being done in the day.

At Everything Dinosaur, we tend to be a bit cynical when it comes to such things.  In this country, sales normally start after Christmas, now the retail landscape is changing and much of what would have been offered post Christmas is going to be on sale at the end of November.  Sales and retail promotions are all very well, but our philosophy remains as simple and straight forward as ever.  At Everything Dinosaur we don’t really do sales, we just offer really competitive prices for dinosaur toys and games all the year round.

Fantastic Customer Service

We are not very good at promoting ourselves, we are too busy responding to enquiries, supporting schools, fossil collecting and of course, packing orders.  We don’t buy in Facebook Likes or Twitter Followers, we have never purchased or procured false testimonies, it is not our way of doing things.  We just work hard and try the best that we can and our thousands of customers and loyal fans seem to like what we are doing.

Dinosaur Figures and Models

Take for example, one of the latest on line reviews posted up by one of our customers (based in Thailand), here’s what she had to say after purchasing a now retired Carnegie Collection Diplodocus dinosaur model from us:

“Beautiful majestic figure which goes well with the Papo Brachiosaurus. Thank God that Everything Dinosaur wrapped it securely with bubble wrap and sent it in a thick padded envelop, as the idiotic local delivery person stuffed it into the mail box instead of delivering to my office!  Luckily, it’s safe and well.”

We can’t comment on the shortcomings of the local postal service, however, the comment that was posted up on our website is typical of the ones we receive, it is the support we provide for our customers, doing things right, that has led to Everything Dinosaur growing into a significant global retailer of dinosaur toys, models and games.

The Carnegie Diplodocus Model – Safely Arrived Thanks to Everything Dinosaur

An impressive model for an impressive dinosaur.

A carefully packed and despatched dinosaur model from Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Preparations for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Let’s just summarise the support Everything Dinosaur has in place as the Christmas period starts to get busy.

  • We have informed our IT contractors about implications for Black Friday/Cyber Monday (November 27th and 30th respectively) in terms of server demands etc.
  • Face to face meetings with suppliers, contractors and support teams will once again be suspended from November 1st onwards.  This enables us to dedicate more time to supporting our customers over the Christmas period.
  • Packing of parcels to become full-time, seven days a week once more to cover the run up to Christmas.  The time available for managing emails, dealing with enquiries and so forth has also been increased.
  • Saturday collections plan to be implemented, making parcel despatch even quicker than usual (our record time from receipt of order to out of the door on a collection is around thirty-five minutes).
  • We have been in contact with our mail service companies (Royal Mail, couriers), to ensure that they were aware of our needs in plenty of time and that we have enough materials available such as mail bags, labels, postage sacks and such like to cope with the likely higher volumes.
  • More dedicated office time to help handle the increased number of phone calls that occur, after all, not everybody likes shopping on line and we do appreciate sometimes it’s nice to talk to a person.

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s Award-winning Website

To visit Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Models, Toys and Games.

 A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Black Friday and Cyber Monday for that matter will be business as usual for Everything Dinosaur.  We always put in plenty of resources to support customers and the Christmas run up is no different.  There will be no gimmicks or cynical marketing ploys from us, just honest people working hard to provide excellent value and terrific customer service.”

Everything Dinosaur has built up a very loyal customer base, we are happy to help out where we can, every day is “Black Friday” as far as Everything Dinosaur’s customers are concerned.

As other on line retailers prepare for Black Friday, Everything Dinosaur’s customers can be assured that this UK dinosaur company maximises value and customer service every day.

To view Everything Dinosaur’s information about postage and shipping: Everything Dinosaur Shipping and Postage.

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