Last Recommended Posting Dates for Christmas an Important Update

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Christmas Posting Dates 2015 – Information

After the lovely warm weather enjoyed by much of the United Kingdom over the last few days, it may seem surprising but there are only eighty-five days left before Christmas day.  Palaeontologists may have to work in “deep time”, but these next few weeks are going to fly by, so Everything Dinosaur is urging all its customers to start thinking about Christmas and Christmas shopping.  As a mail order company which ships dinosaur toys and games all over the world we try to help our customers by publishing information on the last recommended posting dates to ensure items arrive in time for the big day.

Everything Dinosaur is Helping

We do try and help everybody as much as we can, the warehouse team will once again be working long hours, seven days a week and we will begin packing and despatching orders on Saturdays to help speed up deliveries.  We will also soon begin packing orders on Sundays to help customers.

Royal Mail has produced a guide about the last safe posting dates for Christmas for parcels and other mail sent around the UK and abroad.  A table reproduced below sums up the recommended posting dates by geographical region.  Our best advice is, as always, to post early.

A Table Illustrating the Last Safe Posting Dates for Christmas (2015)

Recommended last posting dates for Christmas.

Recommended last posting dates for Christmas.

Table credit: Everything Dinosaur and Royal Mail

To read more Everything Dinosaur’s shipping policy: Everything Dinosaur Shipping and Postage.

Please note:

The last recommended delivery dates for International Surface Mail to a number of countries have already passed.

Staff at Everything Dinosaur will, once again do all they can to help customers and below is a list of helpful tips and hints about the Christmas post.  It must be noted, the dates given in the table in this article are guidelines only, they represent the last recommended posting dates. Bad weather could lead to delays along with other factors such as increased security concerns, industrial action and so forth, so please, please do post early.  Give us time to help you.

Helpful Tips from Everything Dinosaur

Seven Tips for a Happy Mailing Christmas

1).  Remember to include the house number or house name with the delivery address information.

2).  Check postcode/zip code details carefully.

3).  Check delivery address details on orders to Everything Dinosaur, try checking twice.

4). Remember, with PayPal and our own website’s ordering process, customers can include a message to us in the order message box.  You can write in confirmation of delivery address or any specific, relevant information required to help ensure a speedy delivery.

5).  If you want to specify a different delivery address to your billing address, our website allows you to do this easily and without fuss.

6).  If you want to send an item to your work address, please ensure that you include the company name in the delivery address information.  Make sure that the work reception team are informed and try for a delivery during the working week, especially if  on Saturday/Sunday your premises are shut.

7). Take note of the recommended last posting dates for Christmas, and please, please, please post early.

If you have a query about Christmas deliveries, or indeed any aspect of Everything Dinosaur’s delivery service please feel free to contact us: Email Everything Dinosaur.

To view the Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur.