The Limited Edition Rebor “Jolly” Hatching Triceratops

Everything Dinosaur stocks the limited-edition Rebor hatching Triceratops dinosaur model.

Rebor is introducing an exclusive and limited-edition range of prehistoric animal replicas under the name “Club Selection”.  The first of these models is a beautiful figure of a hatching Triceratops.  The baby Triceratops has been nick-named “Jolly” as she went into production around Christmas 2014.  Only 1,000 of these exquisite replicas have been produced and Everything Dinosaur was lucky enough to be amongst the first in the world to receive stocks of this highly collectible item.

The Rebor “Jolly” Hatching Triceratops Dinosaur Model

Rebor Hatching Triceratops

Only 1,000 have been made.

Picture credit: Rebor/Everything Dinosaur

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Rebor Hatching Triceratops

The Christmas link is obvious as soon as you open the packaging.  “Jolly” has been supplied with a Santa Claus hat!

A Very Well Packaged  Dinosaur Replica

The "Christmas Hat" can be seen in the corner.

The “Christmas Hat” can be seen in the corner.

Picture credit: Rebor

When mounted on its base the model stands a little under seventeen centimetres high and it is a superb model of a hatching Triceratops and we look forward to hearing more about the exclusive Rebor Club Selection.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“This is a top quality replica of a hatching Triceratops.  The scientist accredited with the discovery of the first Triceratops skull was called John Bell Hatcher, what a great way to commemorate this with a “hatching” baby Triceratops figure, although perhaps Rebor missed a trick here, they might have called their baby Trike “Bella”!”

Limited-edition Figure

Each hand-crafted replica is given a unique number on its base plate, this is the customer’s guarantee of quality, confirmation that they own one of just 1,000 replicas to be produced.

Check the Base Plate Under the Model for Your Unique Number 

Check the number on the base of "Jolly" the Hatching Triceratops.

Check the number on the base of “Jolly” the Hatching Triceratops.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

These replicas are going to highly prized in years to come and we advise all serious dinosaur collectors to get one whilst stocks last.

For further information on “Jolly” and the rest of the Rebor range: Rebor Model Range.