School Children Model Dinosaurs and Ancient Birds

Children at Eaton Primary School had a visit from Everything Dinosaur today.  The dinosaur expert explained all about fossils, how they form and what they can tell us about life in the past.  The children enjoyed a very tactile and practical session (appealing to kinaesthetic learners).

Model Dinosaurs and Ancient Birds

The activities, which included a comparison between our hands and the footprints from four types of dinosaur were very well received.  Whilst at the school, our sharp-eyed and observant fossil expert noticed a beautifully made model of a seabird soaring high over a part of the classroom that had been turned into a dinosaur museum.  The children were amazed to learn that some types of dinosaur were very closely related to birds (Aves), Tyrannosaurus rex even had a wishbone (furcula).

Colourful Seabird Model on Display

Pterosaur and seabird.

Comparing a seabird to a flying reptile. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Workshop

During the dinosaur workshop, the evolutionary relationship between Aves and the Dinosauria was touched upon.  The children were keen to show off their artwork and to demonstrate their knowledge by classifying dinosaurs into herbivores and carnivores.  It was certainly a fun morning teaching about dinosaurs and birds in school.

Everything Dinosaur stocks a wide range of prehistoric animal models including numerous replicas of pterosaurs and other flying reptiles.  In addition, our award-winning website also provides customers with the opportunity to purchase some models of prehistoric birds.

To view the models section of the user-friendly Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.