World of History Schleich Kentrosaurus in Stock at Everything Dinosaur

The World of History Schleich Kentrosaurus armoured dinosaur model is now available from Everything Dinosaur.

The Schleich Kentrosaurus dinosaur model has arrived and what a wonderful model of a stegosaur this replica is.  This new, spiky dinosaur is an addition to the Schleich World of History prehistoric animal model range and it is the first of a number of exciting replicas to be added to this range in 2015.  Known, only from eastern Africa, “pointed lizard” was a typical member of the Stegosauridae.  Two species of Kentrosaurus are now recognised and the largest specimens are estimated to have reached lengths of around 4.5 to 5 metres.  For the record, females may have been larger and more robust than the males, a trait now recognised in a number of Dinosauria genera.

Schleich Kentrosaurus

The Magnificent Schleich Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Model

Available from Everything Dinosaur.

Available from Everything Dinosaur – the World of History Schleich Kentrosaurus dinosaur model.

Picture credit: Schleich

This beautifully crafted World of History replica shows some amazing details, the sculpting on the plates and the skin texture are particularly noteworthy.  It is also intriguing to see such bold colours on a Kentrosaurus dinosaur model.  Previous kentrosaur replicas have tended to be predominantly green in colour.

World of History Kentrosaurus

The Schleich World of History Kentrosaurus and other Schleich models can be seen here: Schleich World of History Dinosaur Models.

It is fitting for a Kentrosaurus replica to be added to Schleich’s model range this year, as 2015 marks the centenary of the naming and describing of this Late Jurassic dinosaur.  Following expeditions to the Tendaguru Beds in Tanzania by German scientists, this dinosaur was formally named and described in 1915.

A spokesperson from the UK-based, mail order company Everything Dinosaur congratulated the design team at Schleich for introducing a wonderful replica of a Jurassic armoured dinosaur.