St Michael and St John’s Primary School Pupils Learn About Dinosaurs

Children in the Reception class at St Michael and St John’s Primary have been learning all about dinosaurs this term, they have produced a colourful dinosaur display in their classroom. Our dinosaur expert was most impressed with evidence of applied learning.  Some of the children had brought in their dinosaur books to show our expert who was at the school to conduct a dinosaur workshop with the class.  The children were keen to point out their favourite dinosaurs which included Stegosaurus and Triceratops.

Colourful Dinosaurs

The classroom walls had been decorated with lots of work from the term topic, including dinosaur pictures helping the children to get to grips with addition and subtraction.  The eager, young dinosaur fans had even been designing their own dinosaurs and they had carefully considered what this might entail by preparing questions about their intended dinosaur design on post-it notes.

The Children Had Thought Carefully About their Dinosaur Designs

Questions all about dinosaurs.

All about dinosaurs. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A Colourful Classroom Display

The topic had certainly helped the children develop confidence with their reading and writing skills. The classroom had been turned into a miniature dinosaur museum with a wonderful, very colourful classroom display. Year 3 who had been studying rocks and fossils also had a fossil workshop with Everything Dinosaur on the same morning.  Some of the children had even brought in fossils to show the session leader.  In this workshop, the focus was on how fossils form, what sort of rocks contain fossils and what fossils can tell scientists about animals that lived long ago.

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