Dinosaur Fan Suggests How to Display Papo Tyrannosaurus rex Models

At Everything Dinosaur we are always eager to hear from fellow dinosaur fans and model collectors and one email received from a prehistoric animal model enthusiast really got us thinking.  Alex, is a fan of the Papo prehistoric animal model series and has his Papo dinosaurs out on display.  He suggested using the fossil skull replicas made by Safari Ltd to help set off his collection by placing a skull next to the Papo figure so that viewers can see a model of the skull and the “fleshed out” version of the animal adjacent to each other. What  a good idea!

Papo Dinosaur Models

Mixing and Matching Manufacturer’s Models

Adding a model skull to a dinosaur model collection.

Adding a model skull to a dinosaur model collection.  A suggestion for how to display Papo Tyrannosaurus rex models.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To read a blog post from 2012 that looked at the introduction of a new Papo Tyrannosaurus rex model: The Papo Brown Standing T. rex Figure.

Papo and Safari Ltd Dinosaur Models

There may be differences between the Papo T. rex dinosaur and the Safari Ltd T. rex skull as pictured above, but if you think about it, most museums have dinosaur fossils on display with images of the actual animals as envisaged by palaeontologists, surrounding the gallery, so that visitors can get an appreciation of how the animal may have looked.

The Safari Ltd dinosaur skull set consists of eleven different skulls.  Lots of schools and other educational establishments have contacted us and acquired these models, as they do make great teaching aids.  We even supply an identification chart with orders so that our customers can see at a glance which dinosaur skull is which.

Everything Dinosaur’s Identification Key to the Safari Ltd Dinosaur Skulls

Finely crafted models of dinosaur skulls.

Finely crafted models of dinosaur skulls.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

 The Safari Ltd models are very well made and can be used in the way that Alex has suggested, that’s a super idea and thank you for sharing it.

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