A Video Review of the Bullyland Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

Duck-billed dinosaurs had been relatively under represented in the Bullyland range of prehistoric animals.  In fact, Everything Dinosaur team members had trouble remembering what duck-billed dinosaur models this German manufacturer had made in the past.  There used to be a Parasaurolophus in the range, but the last version of this model, a lovely replica with a bright orange crest was retired a few years ago, so it is refreshing to see the name sake of the lambeosaurines stepping into the spotlight as Bullyland added a Lambeosaurus to their Museum Line series.

Museum Line Lambeosaurus

In this short video review, we take a look at this new for 2014 replica, comment on the fossil evidence and naturally, we discuss that wonderful head crest.

Everything Dinosaur’s Review of the Bullyland Museum Line Lambeosaurus

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The video is 5 minutes, 33 seconds long, it gives viewers a little more information about this dinosaur, where it lived and how difficult it is to classify lambeosaurine fossil material.

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