New Schleich Pentaceratops Video Review

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A Video Review of the 2014 Schleich Pentaceratops Dinosaur Model

The colourful Schleich Pentaceratops dinosaur model gets the Everything Dinosaur video treatment.  In this short video review, (five minutes and forty-two seconds), team members discuss the model, compare it to the Schleich Triceratops replica that came out in 2012 and talk about Pentaceratops fossil finds.

Schleich Pentaceratops Dinosaur Model

Everything Dinosaur’s Video Review of the Schleich Pentaceratops Dinosaur Model

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Titanoceratops (Titanoceratops ouranos) even gets a mention.

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It may be more than ninety years since the first fossils of Pentaceratops were discovered in New Mexico, but there is a lot of fossil material from the San Juan basin ascribed to Pentaceratops that requires further research and study.  It is also possible that in many of the burlap and plaster wrapped specimens that lie in the vaults of museums there may be other species of ceratopsid awaiting discovery.