A Review of the Bullyland Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

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Bullyland Lambeosaurus Under the Spotlight

This review is of the new for 2014 Bullyland Lambeosaurus model,  part of the company’s Museum Line prehistoric animal model range.  This is the only duck-billed dinosaur model currently available from this German manufacturer and this replica has a lot to commend it.


Lambeosaurus is one of the better known genera of hadrosaurid dinosaurs and substantial fossil remains ascribed to the lambeosaur family have been found.  All the fossils discovered to date and related to this genus, come from North America.  In most circumstances, it is the lack of fossil material that gives palaeontologists problems when it comes to describing a new dinosaur species and working out where it fits into the dinosaur family tree.

Lambeosaurus is an exception to this, as the amount of fossil material discovered has led to considerable confusion with regards to this dinosaur and to the number of species of Lambeosaurus there might have been and how closely related it is to other crested duck-billed dinosaurs.

The Bullyland Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

New interpretation of Lambe's lizard.

New interpretation of Lambe’s lizard.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

“Hatchet-like” Crests

As these animals grew and developed, so the size and the shape of that famous “hatchet-like” crest changed.  There may also have been differences in the crest morphology between males and females.  Defining what is actually a species of Lambeosaurus is therefore a bit tricky, however, something like three species are currently recognised and the geographical range of the fossil finds suggests that these types of duck-billed dinosaur lived all along the western part of North America, from Alberta (Canada), in the north, down to New Mexico in the south.

Bullyland Lambeosaurus Dinosaur Model

The Bullyland Lambeosaurus is very well painted and there is lots of detail to admire.  The hatchet crest has a bumpy, roughened texture and it is painted bright red with a brown/black border.  The size and shape of the crest suggests that this model represents one of the larger species of Lambeosaurus currently recognised and that the model is a male.  The ears and nostrils can be clearly seen, little details often overlooked with inferior models.

The replica is roughly in proportion to the known fossil material and the striking blue stripe running down the model gives this Lambeosaurus a certain flamboyance.  The model makers have done a lot of work on the skin texture with some raised dermal scutes and smaller scales, these reflect what is known about Lambeosaurus as impressions of fossilised skin have been found.  The figure measures around twenty-six centimetres in length and based on a comparison with the fossil material associated with one of the bigger Lambeosaurs, Lambeosaurus magnicristatus, we estimate that the figure is in approximately 1:27 scale.  It is posed in quite a dynamic, active stance with the tail held out straight behind the body, to give the impression of movement.

A Close up of the “Hatchet Shaped” Crest

The body and the crest of this dinosaur have been given an authentic roughened texture.

The body and the crest of this dinosaur have been given an authentic roughened texture.

The Bullyland design team have taken care to depict the digits of this dinosaur.  A characteristic of the hadrosaurids is that the fingers of the hand  on the front limbs were often united, connected by skin to form a fleshy pad, whilst the toes of the hind feet could be more splayed.  It is this webbing between the fingers of the hands of this dinosaur that helped give weight to the early hypothesis that these herbivores were largely aquatic.

The model with its Front Digits United to Form a Fleshy Pad

The Museum Line Lambeosaurus with an Everything Dinosaur fact sheet.

The Museum Line Lambeosaurus with an Everything Dinosaur fact sheet. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view Everything Dinosaur’s range of Bullyland prehistoric animal models: Bullyland Dinosaur Figures and Models.

There is much to be admired about this latest interpretation of a Lambeosaurus from Bullyland.  The model’s bright colours and dynamic pose are likely to make it a favourite amongst collectors and dinosaur fans.