Happy Birthday to Mary Anning – Google Doodle

We wonder what Mary Anning would have made of the internet?  Coming from a poor family she may have found access to a personal computer, smart phone or tablet a little beyond her budget.  Perhaps one of those wealthy individuals who benefited from her fossil finds and research might have provided her with a laptop.  Google has marked the birthday of Mary Anning with a Google Doodle to commemorate her birthday on 21st May 1799.

Google Doodle Celebrates the Birthday of Mary Anning

Happy Birthday Mary Anning

Happy Birthday Mary Anning.

Picture credit: Google

Mary’s contribution to the nascent science of palaeontology was immense.  Along with her brother, Joseph, she is credited with finding the first ichthyosaur skeleton that was scientifically studied, the discovery of Plesiosaurus fossils (the fossil depicted in the Google Doodle) and for finding and bringing to the attention of science the first pterosaur fossil to be formally studied outside Germany (Dimorphodon) and only the third to be described in the world.

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Mary Anning

Everything Dinosaur team members were enthusiastic supporters for the life of Mary Anning to be included in the national curriculum of England.  She is one of the designated people who can be studied by school children as part of the science/history scheme of work within the national teaching guidelines.  As a small team, we have done quite a lot to promote science studies in schools and in particular to champion the role of women in science with the aim of encouraging girls to take up science and to develop a career in science disciplines.

Everything Dinosaur with Mary Anning – Helping to Promote Girls into Science

Helping to promote science for girls by dressing up as Mary Anning.

Helping to promote science for girls by dressing up as Mary Anning. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

A couple of years ago Google created a Google Doodle celebrating the life and works of Mary Leakey, now Mary Anning has been honoured.  Happy Birthday Mary!

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