Preparing New Images for the Everything Dinosaur School Site

One of the more challenging projects today was how to create some visuals for use on that part of Everything Dinosaur’s new school website dedicated to frequently asked questions.  Team members respond quickly to all the enquiries we receive from teachers and museum staff, however, we thought it would be a good idea for the new school website, to have a dedicated page or two related to those questions we get frequently asked (FAQs).  With this in mind, we set about creating some banners that could be used on the “FAQs” page.  Lots of ideas were put forward but in the end we decided the simplest thing to do would be to use some of the thousands of fossils we have in our warehouse to make a “question mark”.

Belemnites Help to Make Up a Question Mark



Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

These calcite guards, the preserved remains of Middle Jurassic Belemnites, proved to be just the job for creating a question mark for use on the new website.  The word Belemnite comes from the Greek for “dart” and if you examine the picture closely you can see the reason for this name.

Onwards and upwards with our new dinosaurs for school website.

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