Young Geologists in Year 4 Demonstrate their Knowledge of Igneous and Sedimentary Rocks

Team members at Everything Dinosaur who had been working with Year 4 pupils at a Yorkshire school were treated to a display of volcanic artwork.  The children, aged between eight and nine years of age had been learning all about the properties of rocks and a member of the Everything Dinosaur staff was invited into the school to help the students learn about fossils and how they are formed.

Demonstrating Scientific Knowledge

As part of the term topic, the teaching team had challenged the classes to come up with a display which demonstrated how volcanoes form and what happens when they erupt.  Lots of pictures were produced showing lava and there were even a couple of three-dimensional models made, one even attempted to show the inside of a volcano, very creative!

The team member from Everything Dinosaur helped the school children to appreciate how fossils are formed and there were plenty of spectacular examples on hand to impress the pupils as well as the enthusiastic teachers.

Colourful Igneous Artwork on Display

Volcano models on display.

Lava erupting from the cone shaped volcanoes

Picture credit: Year 4/Everything Dinosaur

Making Volcanoes

The lava had been made in various ways, straws had been painted and then bent over the cone of the volcano to indicate an immense eruption, other children had used red, yellow and black coloured tissue paper to make an effect of lava flowing down the sides of the volcano.  Some pupils had painted rivers of molten rock flowing down from the top of their models.  There were also a number of paintings on display as well as several illustrations of fossils.

The study of different types of rock is now an integral part of the Lower Key Stage 2 curriculum.  Everything Dinosaur team members have created a number of lesson plans and study snippets that illustrate how fossils are formed and what the remains of ancient creatures can tell us.  The emphasis is on the nature, processes and methods of working scientifically to investigate phenomena.  As with all Everything Dinosaur’s teaching work in schools the focus of each lesson is on helping to develop scientific knowledge and an understanding of important concepts that underpin the Earth sciences.

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