Schematic Story Maps Help Visual Learners

Children at Wroxton Primary School demonstrated their knowledge to our dinosaur experts during a dinosaur workshop with Year 1.  Under their teacher’s supervision the children had been producing simple stories that map out some of the theories for the extinction of the dinosaurs.  The children were able to demonstrate their learning and there was plenty of evidence of this posted up on the classroom walls and on their display table.

Dinosaur Workshop

The teaching team members at Everything Dinosaur tend to favour the K-W-L technique for charting the course of a term topic (what you know, what you would like to know and what you have learned).  This three-stage approach is very popular, but the schematic maps that the children had created were certainly powerful learning tools.

An Example of a Schematic Story Map

Visual cues to help young children recall facts about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Schematic Story Map

The maps were greatly appreciated by the children, they enjoyed helping to make them and it clearly assisted them when it came to recalling activities.  This was a tremendous asset for visual learners.  At Everything Dinosaur, we recommend using the K-W-L methodology to help plan, record and measure the achievement of learning objectives.  However, there are a number of different techniques available to teaching professionals and this mapping method certainly proved to be effective for these Key Stage 1 pupils.

Everything Dinosaur

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