Colourful and Beautiful Dinosaur Soft Toys

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Blue Tyrannosaurus rex, Green Stegosaurus and a Red Spinosaurus

Lots of happy customers who love the recently introduced colourful range of dinosaur soft toys.  Team members have been receiving praise for this range of large dino themed plush and the accompanying baby dinosaurs that go with them.

Colourful Soft Toy Dinosaurs

Dinosaur soft toys available in two sizes

Dinosaur soft toys available in two sizes.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Colourful Dinosaur Soft Toys

We are not sure whether its their super soft textures or perhaps it is the bright colours, after all, who can resist a crimson Spinosaurus.  The large dino soft toys are around forty-eight centimetres in length, whilst the matching baby dinosaurs are in the region of thirty centimetres tall.  Naturally, every dinosaur soft toy we sell at Everything Dinosaur is sent out with its very own dinosaur fact sheet telling you all about the dinosaur that the plush is based on.

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That reminds us we must print off some more fact sheets about Stegosaurus.

Soft Toy Dinosaurs Proving Quite a Hit this Spring

Children playing with super soft dinosaurs.

Children playing with super soft dinosaurs.  Lots of prehistoric animal soft toys to choose from.

We were told by one young dinosaur fan that her green Stegosaurus was very friendly, her brother liked the blue Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur soft toy best.