A Review of the CollectA Xenoceratops Dinosaur Model

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CollectA Xenoceratops Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Although this dinosaur was named and formally described less than two years ago, CollectA have been quick to introduce a model of this strange horned dinosaur, whose fossil remains have been found in Alberta, Canada.  In this brief video review, (4.42),  team members at Everything Dinosaur discuss the model and relate this replica to the known fossil material.  Since only cranial material has been found, the shape of the body is based on other centrosaurine members of the Ceratopsidae such as Pachyrhinosaurus, Centrosaurus and Styracosaurus.

CollectA Xenoceratops Dinosaur Model

The Video Review of the CollectA Xenoceratops

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

This video looks at the colouration chosen for the model, comments on how the horns and neck frill have been depicted and we even talk about posterior vents!

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Measuring around six metres in length, Xenoceratops (Xenoceratops foremostensis) was a sizeable beast.  In a number of on-line articles and reports, it has been stated that this dinosaur was named because with its many horns it looked alien.  Xenoceratops does mean “alien horned face”, but this ornithischian dinosaur was named not because of its “alien looking” appearance but due to the rarity of ceratopsian fossil material known from the Foremost Formation of south-western Alberta.