Nursery Children Build their own Dinosaur

Whilst on a visit to teach about dinosaurs in school in Yorkshire, one of the Everything Dinosaur team members took a picture of a dinosaur that the nursery class had built as they too studied dinosaurs for the day.  As part of the dinosaur workshop, we were working with Year 2 and Year 3 children, but the nursery children also joined in the day of dinosaur themed activities with some colouring in of pictures of prehistoric animals and an exploration of dinosaurs using the sensory play area.


Nursery School Children Build a Dinosaur

Nursery school children construct a dinosaur in the playground.

Nursery school children construct a dinosaur in the playground.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Using the tyres and building blocks from the outside play area along with some crates that the class had borrowed the children were able to build their very own dinosaur.  One of the little palaeontologists pointed out the yellow feet, whilst another explained that they had put building blocks on the tail just like the plates on a Stegosaurus.

The Everything Dinosaur team member was not quite sure what name the children had come up with, but one of the nursery school children said that their dinosaur was “definitely a plant-eater”.

We suggested that this dinosaur should be called “Nurseryosaurus”.

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