The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Dinosaurs – Kickstarter Campaign

Every once in a while, we at Everything Dinosaur come across a really good idea.  As dinosaur enthusiasts who spend a great deal of our time writing lesson plans for teachers working in Foundation stage and Key Stage 1, we are aware of the limited amount of really good, fact-based reading resources aimed at this particular age group.


Whilst working in schools we are all too frequently approached by a teacher or a member of the learning support team to ask our advice about how to motivate and help enthuse young children who love dinosaurs, but are not that keen on reading.  Talented writer Nicky Allison, might just have the answer…

London-based Nicky, has written seventeen books under the umbrella title of “The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Dinosaurs”, each book will be aimed at children from four years to seven years of age and combines a fascination for dinosaurs with a desire to help encourage and motivate children with their reading.   To get this exciting project up and running some more funding is required, and a “Kickstarter” campaign has been set up.

Nicky explains about the project and how the books have been designed with the needs of young readers in mind in a short video.

Video credit: Nicky Allison

Dinosaurs an Ultimate Guide

A spokes person from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Children from four years of age, seem to act like sponges when it comes to absorbing information about prehistoric animals.  Books such as these tick all the right boxes when it comes to reflecting the national curriculum and they should provide a valuable resource for use in schools and for home educators.”

We wish Nicky well in her endeavours and we can’t wait to hear more about her ambitions to enthuse the next generation of palaeontologists.

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