New Soft Toy Dinosaurs from Everything Dinosaur

Another day and another lot of new additions to the ever growing range of dinosaur soft toys.  One of our ambitions was to find a soft toy Ankylosaurus, but given that this dinosaur is often described as a “living tank”, it is not very often associated with the terms “cute and cuddly”.  However, in the Dinosauria range we now have two Ankylosaurus soft toys, a large one measuring sixty centimetres from its beak to the tip of its tail club and a smaller version, perhaps a baby, that measures forty-four centimetres in length.  They are a couple of soft toy Ankylosaurus.

Ankylosaurus Soft Toy Dinosaur

Could this be a Mum and Baby Ankylosaurus?

Ankylosaurus soft toy dinosaurs

Ankylosaurus soft toy dinosaurs.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Chunky and Soft Dinosaur Plush

Described by Everything Dinosaur team members as “chunky and soft”, this is a super soft toy dinosaur.  However, we should leave the last word to the Ankylosaurus itself, it has a hang-tag that provides some information on the actual prehistoric animal.  Not to worry Ankylosaurus, team members can always send out a fact sheet written by our own dinosaur experts should anyone want to know a little more about this extremely large member of the Thyreophora (the sub-group of the Dinosauria to which all armoured dinosaurs belong).

Ankylosaurus says:

“Hello, I am an Ankylosaurus.  I have a heavily armoured body and a club-like tail to protect me from meat-eating predators.  I lived about 70 -65 million years ago.  I was the last of the armoured dinosaurs to evolve and was also the biggest.  I was a plant-eater and I need to eat a huge amount of food to sustain myself.  To aid with digestion, I produced remarkable amounts of gas… whoops excuse me!”

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