Young Matthew Comments on the Dangers of Fossil Collecting at Lyme Regis

An enthusiastic fossil collector called Matthew and the grown ups with him made a short video highlighting the danger of land slides and mudslips around the Dorset coast.  The video was shot on the west beach at Lyme Regis and it nicely demonstrates how unstable the cliffs are in the area.

Matthew’s Safety Video – Lyme Regis Cliffs

Video credit: Brandon Lennon

Dangerous Cliffs at Lyme Regis

Matthew points out just how dangerous the cliffs at Lyme Regis and elsewhere on the “Jurassic Coast” can be.  Landslides and mudslips can happen at any time and without warning.  If walking around the cliffs we urge everyone to heed any warning signs posted and to keep away from the edge.  As for the beaches themselves, it is best to avoid getting too close to the cliffs, rocks and boulders can travel quite far down the beach from any rock fall so it is essential to keep your distance.  Advice from the locals is well worth taking too.

We are grateful to Brandon Lennon for sending us this video.  For those keen on a bit of fossil hunting in the Lyme Regis area, we at Everything Dinosaur strongly recommend that you take advantage of one of the regular fossil hunting walks organised by experienced professionals who know the cliffs and tides well.

For further information on organised fossil walks on the Dorset coast: Lyme Regis Fossil Walks.

It’s a great video Matthew, you make a great health and safety spokesperson and we hope you enjoyed your trip to the beach.