Dinosaur Scene Brightens up Classroom

It is important for teachers to create the right learning environment in a classroom.  The walls and cupboards are adorned with examples of the children’s drawings and posters, relating to the topics covered in the teacher’s scheme of work for the term.  Space is often at a premium and for one enterprising teacher the “dead space” of a windowsill in their classroom provided the perfect opportunity to create an imaginative prehistoric scene to inspire pupils.

Dinosaur Models

Mr Simon Riggs, took up the challenge of utilising a ledge next to a long window high up on one of the walls of his classroom. Turning the few square feet that was available into an attractive dinosaur diorama featuring the likes of a bellowing Styracosaurus, a meat-eating dinosaur feeding on a dead Triceratops and a pterosaur flying overhead surveying the scene below.

It looks as if the school children have got their own Jurassic Park to help inspire them when it comes to science topics, design and technology (DT) and creative writing.

The Classroom with its Own Jurassic Park!

A very clever and creative use of space in a classroom.

A very clever and creative use of space in a classroom.

The bellowing Styracosaurus can be seen in the foreground, it is looking out onto an array of dinosaur models including a Brachiosaurus, a Plateosaurus and several theropod dinosaurs.  Mr Riggs, skilfully modelled the trees using twigs with mosses and lichens providing the foliage for the herbivorous dinosaurs to feed on.  A pterosaur (flying reptile – Tapejara) is flying overhead, secured to the ceiling by a thin line.

The Pterosaur Flying Over the Dinosaur Diorama

The Pterosaur was attached to the ceiling by a thin line.

The pterosaur was attached to the ceiling by a thin line.

A Wonderful and Imaginative Dinosaur Scene

Mr Riggs, teacher of class 5B has created a wonderful, imaginative dinosaur scene, one that we are sure will inspire his pupils.  He commented:

“Following my purchase from Everything Dinosaur about a month ago, for which I am building a diorama for a ‘dead’ windowsill in my classroom, you asked me to send you some photos.  So here it is. I still need to get some ‘ground’ down on half of it – but with my current distractions – it may not happen for some time!  Cheers for all of your help.”

We do appreciate just how busy teachers and their support staff are at this time of year.  The summer term is a short term and there is so much to do, but we are grateful to Mr Riggs, for taking time out of his busy schedule to send us some pictures of his handiwork.

A Creative use of Limited Space in a Classroom

Inspiring the next generation of scientists and model makers.

Inspiring the next generation of scientists and model makers.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur added:

“What a super way to use a bit of “dead space” in the classroom.  My colleagues and I were all very impressed.  The teacher has created a fascinating model scene, one that I am sure will inspire the pupils, it always amazes me how creative and clever our customers are.”

Our congratulations to Mr Riggs and our thanks to him for sending in some pictures of how prehistoric animal models can be used in such an innovative and enterprising way to brighten up a classroom.

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